First look at Disney's new MagicBand+ as online and in-store sales begin at Walt Disney World

Jul 27, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Hands on with MagicBand+
Posted: Wednesday July 27, 2022 9:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's next generation of wearable, MagicBand+, is now available to all guests at Walt Disney World, with online and in-store sales underway.

Guests arriving at the parks today found limited availability in stores. Although there are currently almost 35 designs available, stores are carrying only a limited selection and in limited quantities. See all MagicBand+ designs.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, a short line gathered outside Celebrity 5 & 10, where a limited number of MagicBand+'s were on sale. The cheapest MagicBand+ is $34.99, with a $7 discount for passholders, which drops that starting price to $27.99. See a list of all in-park stores carrying MagicBand+.

At the park's other MagicBand+ location, Tatooine Traders, only two styles were available, the Darth Vader and Grogu band.

The new version will be immediately familiar for those who use the original MagicBand. It carries a very similar form factor, the same fit, and the option to reduce the band size for kids.

Where the MagicBand+ will feel a little different is the setup process. Getting started with MagicBand+ is like pairing a device to your phone and relying on My Disney Experience to link the MagicBand+ to a user account, pair it to Bluetooth, and then perform a software update. If everything goes to plan, it is as simple as opening My Disney Experience and holding the button on the back of the MagicBand+ for 3 seconds. Our experience on iOS was very straightforward.

The MagicBand+ comes pre-charged, but not to 100%. It is enough to pair and update the software and begin using it.

Charging the MagicBand+ requires you to supply your own USB type A charger and use the provided 6-inch cable with cradle. Approximate battery life can be seen in My Disney Experience and is expected to last 1 - 3 days, depending on use. Disney recommends daily overnight charging.

You can learn more about the MagicBand+ in our FAQ, and stay tuned for more coverage of Disney's new wearable.

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DCBakerJun 09, 2023

The new Fantasmic! MagicBand+ design, along with a couple others, have been loaded onto the discount page for Resort Guests and APs. You can find them here -

DCBakerJun 01, 2023

shopDisney is now selling a new Fantasmic! MagicBand+.

pdude81May 23, 2023

ooh the Kakamora one has a discount now. This is interesting to me.

DCBakerMay 22, 2023

Here are a couple new MagicBand+ designs that have been added to the discount page for Resort Guests and APs. Find them here -

DCBakerMay 15, 2023

These new MagicBand+ designs below have been loaded onto the discount page for Resort Guests and APs. 716477716478716479

DCBakerMay 05, 2023

A few new* MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for Resort Guests and APs (*these have been on shopDisney or in the parks already). You can find them here - 714663

MadderAdderApr 20, 2023

FYI for those with Disney hotel packages and resort plans there are 9.99 MBs through Shop Disney available now.

TouchdownApr 19, 2023

It’s impressive at Fantasmic when you are at the top of the amphitheater and watch everyone’s wrist light up in sinq.

pdude81Apr 19, 2023

The beautiful part about these during the shows is that they don't rely on your smartphone connection to change color. I was worried that I'd have to fight with it like I do with syncing the bounty hunter game, but all worked flawlessly as long as they were turned on.

TouchdownApr 19, 2023

Just reporting on some new functionality of MB+ I noticed: Soarin: Band now glows Sky Blue when exiting Epcot Forever: Band glows with the show

wdwmagicApr 06, 2023

That is correct.

Sir_CliffApr 06, 2023

On one of the Disneyland Paris threads it was suggested they would be introduced there under the name "DisneyBand+" as MagicBand" was already trademarked in Europe. As the cruise line sails to Europe and other places, it could be that they need a name they can trademark globally.

Scott the LawyerApr 06, 2023

I saw today that DCL was introducing "Disney Bands+" on the ships, which looked exactly like Magic Band+. Anyone know anything about WDC rebranding the bands in general?

DCBakerMar 16, 2023

A few new MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for APs and Resort guests. You can find them here - 704182704186704187