Disney Parks Pass availability continues to be in very short supply for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders

Jul 24, 2020 in "MyMagic+"

UPDATED 5PM August 24: More availability has been released for July and August as of 5pm.

Now entering its second month of operation, the Walt Disney World theme park reservation system continues to offer extremely varied availability depending on the type of ticket you have, with Annual Passholders facing very limited opportunities.

Launched in July alongside the reopening of the Walt Disney World theme parks from the COVID-19 shutdown, Disney Parks Pass is an online system that controls the number of guests that are able to enter the capacity-limited parks.

Looking ahead to August, Disney's Hollywood Studios is unavailable for the entire month to Annual Passholders, whereas it has full availability for Disney Resort Guests, and for regular Theme Park Ticket guests. Even looking further ahead into September, the Studios is unavailable to passholders on all four weekends. It isn't until October that availability reopens.

During August, Disney's Animal Kingdom is available on 14 days, Magic Kingdom on 12 days, and EPCOT on 28 days.

The Disney Park Pass system is currently accepting reservations through to September 2021, although it remains unclear exactly how long it will be needed for. COVID-19 conditions continue to be at record high levels in Florida, which would seem to suggest that capacity limited theme parks and Disney Park Pass will be with us for some-time to come. 

With limited availability in mind, Disney has been offering a variety of refund and extension options for its Annual Passholders, which you can read about here. Disney has also suspended the sale of new Annual Passes, although existing passholders are able to purchase renewals.

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Article Posted: Jul 24, 2020 / 11:11am ET
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DCBaker4 days ago

March/April replenishment for Ticket/Resort Guests Before - After - APs also have some more availability this weekend - Before/After 534794

DCBaker11 days ago

Park Passes for APs were just replenished - Before - After -

jinx840211 days ago

They just opened up reservations to mid Jan 2023. Assuming you have valid tickets for the time you want to go, you can make reservations that far out.

tallica11 days ago

Exactly that is why it is here to stay, until they can track data a new and stealthier way.

nickys12 days ago

I suspect this is simply to drive more people to book their park tickets now for 2022 Packages are on sale for the first half of 2022. So people will now start booking. By having the reservation system in place still Disney hope the thinking will be “oh, we better get those tickets so we can book the parks in case they book out”. Result - more money now instead of people waiting until just before tickets are needed for fastpasses, for example. Pre Covid a lot of people would wait and buy tickets a few days before their 60 day mark. This is trying to get the cash now.

techgeek12 days ago

It’s hard to imagine they would ever shut down such a valuable source of forecasting data now that they have it and have trained their guests to provide it. I have my doubts Genie will ever deliver the experience advertised, much like the historical flaws with MyMagic / FP+... at least on the guest facing side. Those spreadsheets making the decisions these days need lots of inputs though, so I would expect the trend to be for more data, never less.

Judi828195012 days ago

How far in advance can you book your park tickets? We're not going until '22 but I will probably book our hotel at least a year in advance. So, if I book my hotel say, August 2021 for Aug. 2022 can I book the park tickets too?

wedenterprises12 days ago

Are park reservations the foundation for the Genie app?

pdude8112 days ago

It's useful for deciding whether or not to increase park hours in the future once masks are gone. But I think they can do much of that with dated tickets and hotel reservations. So hopefully this ends when social distancing and masks are no longer necessary.

djkidkaz12 days ago

I think there is one reason Disney would keep the park pass system once mask wearing and all that is gone. The system does provide details on park attendance and can be used for staffing purposes to cut or increase the labor for a specific day if you see something coming up. I still don’t think it’s necessary though as they are very good at knowing what their attendance is going to be even without this system in place. It just seems like an unnecessary additional barrier for people to come to the parks. You want it to be as simple for someone to get up and go where they want to go on Disney property to spend that money.

HarperRose12 days ago

My use of the word 'customer' in my previous post was deliberate. People are no longer guests at Disney. They are a means to an end.

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago


Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

Woah...history foul, Mono The last “downturn” and the only one of this regime...was the housing glut and I give them full credit. They rolled permanent prices increases out simultaneously with temporary discounts. Like a “middle class tax cut” It was a sham, but a brilliant management strategy/coup. Lest we forget: the boards were all about “free dining” from 08-12 (and beyond)...but when called out, people realized their costs were going up 15 or 20% each year. That’s a hell of a “standard inflation”...free food was never quite so expensive. This is nothing like 9/11 (i did play with Disney money then)...the conditions were different, the circumstances were different, and the philosophy was different.

HarperRose12 days ago

I'm talking more of the people who defend Disney no matter what they do. Some people will twist themselves into knots defending how this is good for the customer and why Disney had to do it ('it' being whatever negative change/cost increase/benefit loss).