Disney Parks Pass availability continues to be in very short supply for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders

Jul 24, 2020 in "MyMagic+"

UPDATED 5PM August 24: More availability has been released for July and August as of 5pm.

Now entering its second month of operation, the Walt Disney World theme park reservation system continues to offer extremely varied availability depending on the type of ticket you have, with Annual Passholders facing very limited opportunities.

Launched in July alongside the reopening of the Walt Disney World theme parks from the COVID-19 shutdown, Disney Parks Pass is an online system that controls the number of guests that are able to enter the capacity-limited parks.

Looking ahead to August, Disney's Hollywood Studios is unavailable for the entire month to Annual Passholders, whereas it has full availability for Disney Resort Guests, and for regular Theme Park Ticket guests. Even looking further ahead into September, the Studios is unavailable to passholders on all four weekends. It isn't until October that availability reopens.

During August, Disney's Animal Kingdom is available on 14 days, Magic Kingdom on 12 days, and EPCOT on 28 days.

The Disney Park Pass system is currently accepting reservations through to September 2021, although it remains unclear exactly how long it will be needed for. COVID-19 conditions continue to be at record high levels in Florida, which would seem to suggest that capacity limited theme parks and Disney Park Pass will be with us for some-time to come. 

With limited availability in mind, Disney has been offering a variety of refund and extension options for its Annual Passholders, which you can read about here. Disney has also suspended the sale of new Annual Passes, although existing passholders are able to purchase renewals.

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Article Posted: Jul 24, 2020 / 11:11am ET
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nickys8 days ago

I’m sorry, I mis-read it! (I thought it seemed out of character 🙂).

TrainChasers9 days ago

I know. I was trying to be a bit sarcastic, but that’s hard to read. The WS Entertainers were 3rd party and were working a year to year “gig,” but even they were going on 10+ years. The grand orchestra, yeehaw bob, and others were full time 20+ cm’s though.

pixie2259 days ago

Yesterday afternoon we re-booked our trip that was supposed to begin Saturday and moved it to May 2021. We were allowed to add park hopper to our reservation. Whether or not it will be honored is another story. We still had to make individual park reservations for each day.

MisterPenguin9 days ago


nickys9 days ago

Many of the entertainment CMs, performers or technicians, were employed on the same terms and other CMs. And they have been decimated. Someone posted there aren’t enough technicians left now to run Fantasmic. The bands, WS entertainers and so on we’re likely on gig contracts, year on year.

nickys9 days ago

You might as well, especially if you’re planning to go to DHS. You can always change them later.

nickys9 days ago

Park reservations have been extended to 2022. That does not necessarily mean no park hopping. According to @Magic Feather , it isn’t a top priority right now, the park reservation system could be changed to allow park hopping. I would post his comment but search isn’t working properly right now.

MisterPenguin10 days ago

In this thread, all references to 2022 are for room reservations extending into 2022. Not for the name-your-park-for-the-day reservation lasting that long.

TrainChasers10 days ago

I agree. But... this is normal right? Happened after 9/11 right? Entertainers were just working a gig anyways right? Cue jungle cruise de-nile joke.

drew8110 days ago

Exactly. Wait till everyone sees what’s happened to Walt Disney Entertainment. Shows and parades are doomed.

DVCakaCarlF10 days ago

Park reservation sucks.

TrainChasers10 days ago

People are paying full price admission for limited hours, no fireworks, no parades, and he was able to lay-off 28,000 cm’s AFTER sending all the CP’s and Internationals home. This is Chapeks dream come true.

ImperfectPixie10 days ago

Where did you see that?!?

SpectroMagician10 days ago

2022???? I read it just assuming it meant 2021. So no park hopping for ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR! Even if there is a vaccine. What is wrong with Chapek does he want to bankrupt the company?