'My Disney Experience' app updated to include PhotoPass previews

Aug 24, 2015 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday August 24, 2015 2:42pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today released an update to its 'My Disney Experience' app to include previews of PhotoPass images.

The service doesn't currently allow you to purchase individual images, instead it prompts you to visit the PhotoPass website to do so. When selecting an image from the preview, the app offers the Memory Maker product for $199, which covers all of your PhotoPass photography during a current trip.

Besides the ability to preview your PhotoPass images, the app also includes a map to locate PhotoPass photographers across all the parks.

The new version of My Disney Experience is now available in the Apple App Store, and should also be available for Android devices soon.

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BJones82Aug 25, 2015

We sure told them... didn't we lol...:p

wdwmagicAug 25, 2015

Because developing for Android is an absolute nightmare. So many different versions and devices. iOS is much more organized and controlled. You know when you make something for iOS that it is going to work, the same can't be said for Android. That is why in nearly all ages, the iOS versions of apps are better than the Android versions.

ashleyrmAug 25, 2015

Important to note that if you view your photos on you phone, you start the 30 day clock. When you click on a picture in MDE, it says 'by tapping 'Activate' below, you agree that Memory Maker starts immediately. You will have 30 days from the date you activate it to capture and download the PhotoPass photos and videos linked to your account, including those of people on your Family & Friends list.'

JahonaAug 25, 2015

Disney has had a long time relationship with Apple and since your only developing for one device it's easier and quicker to get out for iOS. It's usually only takes a day or so if that for it to release for Android. In the case of this update they rolled out with in hours of each other.

BJones82Aug 25, 2015

Coming from a developer's background and as I am currently a developer I can tell you it is easier to do Apple first as it is a closed eco system. So I can develop for one OS and it just works as I developed it, it limits testing and makes the process quicker. Android there are hundreds of versions, now I probably would only test and develop for the big versions like the last 2 from Android on 3-4 big carriers but still... much more to develop and test... Also a quick search in the Google Play store shows it launched at the same time and is currently available on android...

JRMFLAug 25, 2015

http://imgur.com/9GgyV0k "The new version of My Disney Experience is now available in the Apple App Store, and should also be available for Android devices soon." Why not code for the most popular OS first, then release the others 'soon'? I don't get it...

Jon81ukAug 25, 2015

Would be nice if you can share photos to Facebook directly from the app (probably only if Memory Maker is purchased).

TomAug 25, 2015

The feature that locates photographers will be really handy!

BJones82Aug 24, 2015

It's on android now, but the find photopass photographer option is very very buggy, but still awesome to see this coming, hopefully they work out the bugs before my wedding in a month lol!!

sshindelAug 24, 2015

Awesome awesome awesome. I was constantly logging into the photopass website on my phone last trip to see if we wanted to re-hit a photopass location because, like always, I had my eyes closed or something. Great additional feature here.

JahonaAug 24, 2015

That's actually a pretty cool feature being added to the app.

sxeensweetAug 24, 2015

So excited they finally added it! Will make checking to see if pics are there each evening of our trip much easier!! :)