My Disney Experience update brings new features for hotel guests and passholders

Aug 23, 2017 in "MyMagic+"

Disney has just released a new version of My Disney Experience that brings a couple of very useful features to app.

First, for Annual Passholders, it is now possible to renew a pass directly from the My Disney Experience app.

And for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests, you can now view room charges and Disney Dining Plan entitlements/usage directly in the app. This should make it easy to keep track of the remaining Dining Plan meals and snacks throughout your trip.

For the iOS version, the update also adds compatibility for the upcoming iOS11.

The updates for iOS and Android are available in the App Store and Google Play.

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Article Posted: Aug 23, 2017 / 8:40am EDT
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helenabearSep 05, 2017

Well some do think that Starbucks isn't all that anyway LOL ;)

SL79Aug 30, 2017

I've checked in online but the view charges option still isn't showing in the app...

Weather_LadyAug 25, 2017

I think yours is the correct meaning here, too. I just googled "point of service" and I don't think it's a thing, whereas "point of sale" certainly is. Must have gotten my terminology confused while I was busy being childish... :)

AmandaS.Aug 24, 2017

It can also mean Point of Sale, when I worked at Target I always giggled when they called the register the POS machine.

Weather_LadyAug 24, 2017

Oh my gosh. I must be, like, 12, because even though I know that POS stands for "point of service" in this context, I can't stop giggling like Beavis and Butthead when I read this stuff. Nor do I think it will get any less funny, no matter what restaurant or store name precedes it or how many times I see it in MDE...

cosmicgirlAug 24, 2017

I wonder if you're also able to see a history of where you spent the dining credits. The counter is definitely a step forward, but unless you can see the history it wouldn't help you to figure out what went wrong if things don't add up. The only other way to check for errors would be to check the app after every single use, which would be more trouble than checking the receipt that was just given to you.

RainemanAug 24, 2017

We will be making sure we keep our receipts for each TS meal we have under the DDP, and checking the MDE app, so we can see our dining credit usage from now on. We actually got double charged for dining credits at Yak & Yeti during our last trip, and we didn't notice until our last TS ADR of our trip, when it was charged to our credit card. We were able to sort it out at the concierge desk at our resort before we left, but if we had taken a good look at the receipt at Y&Y, we would have noticed it right away.

Swarles Barkley.Aug 24, 2017

I let the butler have the poly ones as i didn't like the new bungalows (poor aircon)

Master YodaAug 24, 2017

Do you still have all 12 of your 10,000 point contracts?

Swarles Barkley.Aug 24, 2017

I don't go anymore. But you can rent some DVC points from me.

HakunamatataAug 24, 2017

Well I do love me some FP+ and DDP.

Swarles Barkley.Aug 24, 2017

Rube ;)

JaxFLBearAug 24, 2017

Once you've completed online check in, the room charge feature should appear. I have the option to view charges for our upcoming September reservation (check in on 9/13, online check in has been completed). I don't have the option for our upcoming December reservation (online check in available in 48 days).

Rob562Aug 24, 2017

Since neither your room charging or dining plan are active until your check-in date, I'm not surprised you can't see anything right now... -Rob