Mobile Order expanding to Walt Disney World Resort hotel restaurants

May 22, 2019 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday May 22, 2019 9:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The app-based restaurant ordering system, Mobile Order, is expanding to include Walt Disney World Resort hotel restaurants.

Mobile Order will be available soon at Everything POP Shopping & Dining at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, The Mara at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Contempo Café at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

These new locations will be in addition to more than 20 other quick service restaurants located in the theme parks and Disney Springs.

Mobile Order allows you to pay for meals on-the-go within the My Disney Experience app, bypassing the queue to order at the restaurant. Using the app, you can select menu items, customize an order and pre-pay for a meal.

Arriving at the restaurant, you tap an “I’m here” button in the app, which will notify the kitchen to prepare the meal. When ready, you'll be alerted through the app to pick up the meal at a designated window. Credit card payments are accepted via Mobile Order along with the Disney Dining Plan.

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Dad 2 M & MJan 12, 2020

Hamarbe Market is known to be really slow....otherwise the Mobile order app in the Parks has been great

sfbntpcJan 11, 2020

Thank you! I had not used mobile order at a hotel and didn’t know if this was the norm

dreamfinderJan 10, 2020

Sounds to me like someone misplaced a ticket.

Weather_LadyJan 09, 2020

I don't get it -- it seems like such a common-sense function for them to add! I wish I knew why they haven't.

EmmieSueJan 09, 2020

I just wish you could customize the order at the resorts like you can at the parks. Like removing things from a burger, etc.

sfbntpcJan 09, 2020

Is it normal to wait 40 minutes for a mobile order when walk ins at the hotel are eating and leaving before I get my food? Thinking about complaining. I ordered a Mac n cheese and a burger, that they put in an oven (I was watching after 40 mins) and I couldnt even chew the edges. By that time it was almost 11:00 pm. The manager guy said the orders are done in the order they are received. The 2 ladies asking me if I needed help after 40 minutes both said that was ridiculous and I should not have waited that long. I’m used to the parks having it so quickly...thought????

CaptainAmericaOct 24, 2019

How are gift cards STILL not integrated into this system? That should have been a feature at launch. It's been years at this point.

MainahmanOct 22, 2019

you can by calling, i mean i guess you could call them from your cell phone, i was hoping to not have to call, just to place the order and pay in the app, and get an approximate delivery to room time. We actually like the delivery disney pizza alot. We ended up doing it, just by phone, and it was good. So were the wings.

ThatMouseOct 22, 2019

I thought there was pizza delivery and room service? Your best best is to order a pizza from outside Disney and pick it up at the lobby. Disney pizza is extremely average.

MainahmanOct 22, 2019

yea me too. It would of been nice to order online, and then take our time to walk back while they were making and bringing us our food. could of gotten an extra pina colava in that way!

SkywiseOct 22, 2019

Honestly - I'm surprised that's NOT a thing at the resorts.

JaxFLBearOct 22, 2019

Still have to order and pay in person to get any applicable discounts or to pay with a Disney Gift Card.

beefogOct 22, 2019

Since SSR has been addded, does the app allow you to use discount cards like the Table in WonderLand card?