Complimentary MagicBands will no longer be issued to Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World

May 18, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday May 18, 2021 10:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has written to its Annual Passholders today advising them that complimentary MagicBands will no longer be issued to Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World.

With the launch of Disney MagicMobile, allowing guests to use their own devices for MagicBand functionality, the distribution of MagicBands for passholders will end for new pass purchases and renewals from August 16 2021 and beyond.

Disney has already phased out MagicBand distribution for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests, but it continuing to offer MagicBands at a discounted price for those who still wish to use them. Disney has also said that passholders will be able to buy MagicBands at discounted pricing.

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Touchdown3 days ago

May I suggest getting this then? My personal favorite, I get comments on it all the time when I “bring him home” to Epcot.

Fable McCloud3 days ago

All the best Figment and Orange Bird stuff is for AP holders. I don't have the money to go to WDW every year, so I don't buy the APs, but I love Figment. I hate buying from scalpers on secondhand sites, but I don't know any people who are AP holders to scoop merch for me. Sad.

Gillyanne4 days ago

I've never really used Google Pay, nor does my current smart watch support it. Curious if you use Google Pay on your watch does it show the card? (EG: if I have the figment card and pull it up on my watch to use, will it show figment?) Slightly tempted to upgrade my current watch if I can find a reasonably priced one that will support Google Pay. It will help w/ the multitude of things on my wrist when at the parks (watch, motion sickness band, sometimes MB (or the puck on the watch band))

AshaNeOmah4 days ago

I really wanted to buy 4 APs the first week of April. After out 8 day April trip, I had 6 days booked in July, another 4 in October right after the 50th, and was looking at New Years week. Since I couldn't, I've now cancelled the July trip and replaced it with Legoland while my kids are the right age, staying off property in October, and New Years isn't looking good. We spend thousands over a few days on hotels, food, and stuff. Most of that is going to be lost this year because I wasn't allowed to spend $5k on tickets a full nine months after they reopened from shutdown. I still don't get it.

wendysue4 days ago

Yep, we will be former AP holders at the end of the year.

DCBaker4 days ago

Figment and Orange Bird passholder cards have been added -

drnilescrane13 days ago

So… Apple fixed it. In iOS 15 you will be able to unlock the hotel room using NFC. Note that WDW is a launch partner for this too:

donsullivanMay 19, 2021

That functionality for park admission was available immediately when they launched the feature. What had been delayed was an update for the software on the handheld units used at areas like parking. In those locations, during the early weeks you had to present the QR code generated by the MDE app. Based on my experience on Sunday at Epcot, that software has now been updated and the NFC is working on those handheld readers as well so you can just present the phone or watch and they scan it the same way they would a Magicband.

Jon81ukMay 19, 2021

No all MobileMagic does is let you add your park ticket to the wallet app on your phone. As long as you have some other ticket media (card or magic band) then you are okay.

Jon81ukMay 19, 2021

You can’t turn NFC off on Apple devices, the phone/watch manages it.

larryzMay 19, 2021

More evidence that Disney's new slogan is, "Make Your Own Magic!™ "

GillyanneMay 19, 2021

It uses NFC doesn't it? Like mobile wallets? I wonder if they've had too many people w/o their NFC on. I don't use mobile wallets for anything, so mine is usually turned off (android phone, don't have a smart watch capable of NFC) The 1 time I tried to use a mobile wallet at a store (the only way I could think to use some electronic credit card rebate as a partial payment) it didn't work at first, so I thought it was just a loss. After a while I realized, "wait I don't use this function" and turned it on and boom it worked. If I were to use the mobile magic, I'd have to remember to turn it on for my visit(s) and/or upgrade my smart watch to one that has it... Still debating if it's worth activating it for me.

Nickp1983May 18, 2021

That's good. Entire thing confused the hell out of me. I say the ride should be figured out via death match inside the arena that was in Episode 2.

DCBakerMay 18, 2021

No. Just the MDE app (My Disney Experience).