Disney adds new designs to its MagicBand+ line-up, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Main Street Electrical Parade

Aug 17, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday August 17, 2022 2:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has launched several new MagicBand+ designs on shopDisney today that are now available to order.

New designs include Disney's Electrical Light Parade, Marvel's The Avengers, and Baby Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy.

Each band is priced at $44.99 and includes a charging cable.

In addition to the new designs, shopDisney is now also selling more designs previously only available inside the parks.

View the full range of MagicBand+ at shopDisney.

Should you buy the new MagicBand+ for your next Walt Disney World vacation?

Everything you need to know about Disney's new interactive wearable in our MagicBand+ FAQ.

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DCBaker11 days ago

ShopDisney has also added a few new designs (in addition to the 3 above) -

DCBaker11 days ago

Three MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for APs and Resort guests. You can find them here - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/bands-cards/

Patcheslee15 days ago

We got ours last week for June, ordered release day.

dreday315 days ago

FWIW - we got ours yesterday and our trip isn't until April so maybe they are caught up?

jagiord115 days ago

Well, they obviously oversold them, and focused on fulfilling orders based on check in dates. I doubt 6 weeks will be the standard once they fully catch up.

Br0ckford15 days ago

R Right??!

Ayla15 days ago

Yikes, 6 week for delivery is awful.

Ayla15 days ago

Could they be going off via bluetooth from your phones because of MDE?

Br0ckford16 days ago

Got ours yesterday for November trip. Ordered on 7/31.

RememberWhen16 days ago

We used them in August. We had 4 altogether. Used to tap into parks and rides, wave at statues and open doors. We didn’t have any problems with battery life. Even the day we played in batuu for a bit. We charged them overnight in the room. The kids liked the haptics and lights. Never did make it to fireworks, so I can’t say if that feature worked. All in all, I liked them.

CaptainAmerica16 days ago

Have there been any updated (reliable) reports about battery life with normal use, i.e. not playing Batuu Bounty Hunters nonstop? I know we had some doom and gloom reports on opening day, but it feels like the consensus is settling around "battery life isn't great, but it's not a nightmare either"?

dreday316 days ago

Got our bands! I got the Mickey snacks one and husband got the grey one with all the Mickeys on it. I'm honest, so I will say I had a heck of a time trying to pair them with my Android. :D I would get it to work once, then it would disconnect and never reconnect. My husband has the same phone and he got them working with his. So I'm deciding, well, I must need a new phone and was happily shopping for one, but my husband was messing around with my phone and the bands and now all of sudden they work. So no new phone for me. 😂 Now they are back in their box until our April trip.

MickeyLuv'r20 days ago


Pancho20 days ago

my kids are small and do not have their own phones. the statue interaction works perfectly with their bands paired to my phone through my MDX. We haven't tried the bounty hunter game with their bands. just mine.