Walt Disney World to begin accepting Digital Disney Gift Cards

Nov 16, 2015 in "MyMagic+"

Launching today, Walt Disney World will begin accepting Digital Disney Gift Cards at many of its retail locations.

Unlike the physical plastic gift cards, the digital version of the gift cards are loaded onto digital wallet apps on the various phone platforms. Examples of digital wallet apps include Passbook, GoWallet and Gyft.

In order to pay using the gift card, the digital wallet app presents a bar code to be scanned at the register, similar to how you can pay with a physical gift card.

Disney's own upcoming digital wallet app aimed at children, YuDo, will also be supported in the near future.

The addition of support for digital gift cards represents Disney's continual advancement in support of new payment options. Disney was one of the first to support Apple Pay, and offers its own electronic payment system with MagicBands.

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Article Posted: Nov 16, 2015 / 8:00am EST