Figment and Orange Bird passholder cards now available for Disney MagicMobile

Jun 16, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday June 16, 2021 9:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney MagicMobile, the new bring-your-own device contactless park entry system, has been updated to include two new Annual Passholder cards.

The new cards feature Orange Bird and Figment, and join the existing Mickey Mouse passholder design.

Disney MagicMobile service is a convenient and contactless way to access MagicBand features like theme park entry through the power of your own devices. Most features are available by just holding up your smart device near an access point, just like you do with a MagicBand. You can choose to use Disney MagicMobile service or a MagicBand, and can alternate between the two for added flexibility. 

Current functionality includes:

  • Enter theme parks (with a valid theme park reservation and valid admission)
  • Enter parking lots
  • Connect Disney PhotoPass images to your account
  • Gain access to the virtual queue for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
  • Access to Magical Express

You can read more about setting up MagicMobile in our earlier guide.

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cmhJul 01, 2021

I'd sent tickets but hadn't received a reply. Nonetheless I figured it out. Apparently it was due to using the max number of cards in Apple Wallet. Fixed it by removing Apple Cash to make room since I wasn't using it. Was able to add the MagicMobile Pass after that. Didn't realize a "Pass" would be treated not as a pass but as a card.

brettf22Jun 30, 2021

Assuming you've already got Apple Wallet set up, I'd send a note to MDE tech support. Give them your iOS, WatchOS, and MDE version numbers, as well as your phone model, and mention that you've already set up Apple Wallet and have two-factor authentication activated. Also quote the exact error message you're seeing, and when you're seeing it. That will help them narrow down their advice to you.

cmhJun 30, 2021

Two-factor authentication is already ON on my iPhone. App and iOS are up-to-date; reinstalled, restarted. Still getting that error. Advice?

wendysueJun 23, 2021

Thanks for the tip. I just booked for November when the Christmas festivities start. So excited!

AshaNeOmahJun 22, 2021

We're right outside of Chattanooga, only about 3 hours from Dollywood. DreamMore is a really good hotel if you haven't stayed there yet. It reminds me of Disney resorts in many ways.

TouchdownJun 21, 2021

Make sure you see Christmas in the Smokies, probably multiple times. The other shows are great but that one is on its own level, best stage show in a theme park (but only because Candlelight is really a concert.)

wendysueJun 21, 2021

We also just canceled our July trip. Still have one booked for September, but that looks iffy as well. They say there is a 25% off rooms until Sept. 29, but can't find any that aren't stupidly expensive and can't find a room for November either. I think you have a good idea going to Legoland. The kids will love it. We are opting for Dollywood this holiday season. :)

TouchdownJun 17, 2021

May I suggest getting this then? My personal favorite, I get comments on it all the time when I “bring him home” to Epcot.

Fable McCloudJun 17, 2021

All the best Figment and Orange Bird stuff is for AP holders. I don't have the money to go to WDW every year, so I don't buy the APs, but I love Figment. I hate buying from scalpers on secondhand sites, but I don't know any people who are AP holders to scoop merch for me. Sad.

GillyanneJun 16, 2021

I've never really used Google Pay, nor does my current smart watch support it. Curious if you use Google Pay on your watch does it show the card? (EG: if I have the figment card and pull it up on my watch to use, will it show figment?) Slightly tempted to upgrade my current watch if I can find a reasonably priced one that will support Google Pay. It will help w/ the multitude of things on my wrist when at the parks (watch, motion sickness band, sometimes MB (or the puck on the watch band))

AshaNeOmahJun 16, 2021

I really wanted to buy 4 APs the first week of April. After out 8 day April trip, I had 6 days booked in July, another 4 in October right after the 50th, and was looking at New Years week. Since I couldn't, I've now cancelled the July trip and replaced it with Legoland while my kids are the right age, staying off property in October, and New Years isn't looking good. We spend thousands over a few days on hotels, food, and stuff. Most of that is going to be lost this year because I wasn't allowed to spend $5k on tickets a full nine months after they reopened from shutdown. I still don't get it.

wendysueJun 16, 2021

Yep, we will be former AP holders at the end of the year.

DCBakerJun 16, 2021

Figment and Orange Bird passholder cards have been added -

drnilescraneJun 07, 2021

So… Apple fixed it. In iOS 15 you will be able to unlock the hotel room using NFC. Note that WDW is a launch partner for this too: