Fast Company Magazine article goes deep inside the creation of MyMagic+

Apr 15, 2015 in "MyMagic+"

Austin Carr at Fast Company Magazine has a must-read article out this morning that provides an incredibly in-depth look into the creation of MyMagic+.

'The Messy Business Of Reinventing Happiness' is the real, untold story of how MyMagic+ came to life, based on more than 6 months of reporting. Carr speaks to key members from the MyMagic+ development team, Imagineers, and Walt Disney Co. Executives to explain how and why Disney spent 1 billion dollars on the plan to change how guests interact with nearly every aspect of the park experience.

Click through to read The Messy Business Of Reinventing Happiness.

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Article Posted: Apr 15, 2015 / 8:00am EDT