Disney World Park Pass availability greatly expanded for June 2021

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Posted: Wednesday April 14, 2021 4:06pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just added a large amount of Park Pass availability for its Walt Disney World theme parks during June 2021.

June 2021 now has nearly full availability across all ticket types for almost every day of the month. More availability has also been added to days within April and May.

The system, which was introduced to manage capacity for the reopening of Walt Disney World following the COVID-19 shutdown, now has availability through to January 14 2023. A Disney Park Pass is required before entry to any of the parks, in addition to having valid ticket media for the day.

The availability comes alongside news that Disney World may soon be adding more capacity to its parks as the phased reopening from the COVID-019 shutdown continues.

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drew8112 hours ago

Chapek’s dream come true. Cut all the pricey entertainment with several casts.

DCBaker12 hours ago

According to the reservation calendar, Ticket/Resort Guest park passes are currently filled for MK/DHS through July 1st. Will be interesting to see how quickly more are added.

WondersOfLife1 day ago

They better be reopening shows like Indy, laugh floor, Mermaid, Nemo, and BATB by then with all this “increased capacity.”

Disney Analyst1 day ago

Yep ^

disneygeek901 day ago

Hopefully working on AP's too.

DCBaker1 day ago

Here comes the capacity - Here's how it was before - Here it is as of now -

DCBaker5 days ago

Park passes have been refreshed for Ticket/Resort Guests - Before/after

cloudlessnights6 days ago

Me too! I got HS for another day today, but the day I really want to change is June 14th, which is greyed out as of this morning. Guess we will stick with Epcot that day, but I'm pleased I got two HS days and one MK day (from five Epcot days) within the last day.

pixie2256 days ago

Just back from Disney. All the parks were jammed- even AK. I do not doubt they will be upping capacity even more in the coming weeks. Looked like almost full capacity to us. Social distancing on ride lines was almost non-existent, though they were still social-distancing on some rides. (skipping rows, plexiglass, less capacity)

Amidala7 days ago

Definitely good to know, thank you! But it looks like that week in May is almost completely grayed out now so I hate to mess with it. We'll just have to stick with our plan to park hop to Studios and get her on ROTR some other time!

cloudlessnights7 days ago

I scored a HS for June 11th this morning, and actually an MK reservation for June 12th this afternoon, so it is possible. Don't rely on the calendar - it will still say full when there are only a couple reservations left at the park you want. The only downside is that you have to cancel your existing reservation and try to make one at the park you want. If it's not available, make your original park reservation again and try again later.

Amidala7 days ago

Were they really? ): I've been checking almost daily hoping to snag a HS reservation for myself & my mother for mid-May (14-16) but have had no luck finding one. I've been relying fully on the calendar. Is it not always correct? Kicking myself for missing out, since I was really hoping to get her on ROTR for the first time.

evenstephan7 days ago

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to park hop, you must check into the park at which you have a reservation first. If you were only able to make park reservations at Epcot for each of your days, you'll have to go to that park and go through the tapstiles before you then move to another park at 2 p.m. or later. I had a friend who got stuck by this a couple of weeks ago - on her arrival day, she had hoped to spend a little time at Animal Kingdom before joining us in the evening at Epcot, so made her park reservation for the Animal Kingdom. She got in really late, so didn't go there (it was close to closing), but came straight to us. She was not allowed entry into Epcot because she had not checked into her reserved park for that day. She might have been able to rush over, check-in, and return, but it was too much of a production, so she just went to Disney Springs.

cloudlessnights7 days ago

Thanks! I was able to snag Hollywood Studios to my surprise this morning, but all other days for other parks (aside from Epcot) are still full. Will definitely keep trying!