Star Wars character MagicBands become the first limited edition design

Jun 12, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

Disney will release two limited edition MagicBands for the final weekends of Star Wars Weekends - the first time that a printed design MagicBand will be sold.

There will be a green retail MagicBand with Yoda’s image and a red retail MagicBand with Darth Vader’s image - note that they match the color of their respective light sabers.

The bands will be limited to an edition size of 2500 each, packaged in a decorative Star Wars Weekends box.

As with all retail MagicBands, you will need to link the band to an existing My Disney Experience account at the time of purchase. The Star Wars bands cost $29.95 plus tax, the regular MagicBands retail at $12.95 plus tax.

Since the rollout of the MagicBands, it has been expected that a whole host of retail opportunities will be launched around the bands, providing a new revenue stream for Disney on top of the existing MagicBand snap-on accessories. Expect to see more and more characters and attraction specific bands over the coming months.

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Article Posted: Jun 12, 2014 / 11:08am EDT