Play Disney Parks app to include Augmented Reality greeting from Mickey Mouse after a Walt Disney World vacation

Feb 10, 2020 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday February 10, 2020 10:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Play Disney Parks app will soon offer a new augmented reality greeting from Mickey Mouse following a 3 night or longer stay at Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

After your vacation, check your mailbox for a letter thanking you for your visit, which will contain a special QR code to unlock a hidden screen in the Play Disney Parks app. 

Play Disney parks is available in the app store, and offers in-queue games while in the parks, Disney trivia, music and more. Check out he video below for a look at the new Mickey Mouse augmented reality greeting.

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ImperfectPixieFeb 12, 2020

I hope this doesn't mean they're eliminating those. That would be shameful. EDIT: Disney does TONS of mass-mailing even without those cards. We get at least a dozen mailings a month from them.

DrewmanSFeb 12, 2020

I believe those who stay for 3 nights already get a card, this is just adding an AR Mickey code to it. Sending cards to everyone would exponentially increase the number of mailings (and likely create multiple mailings to many guests).

Tavernacle12Feb 12, 2020

I think that's neat, to be honest. Do a large number of people really stay only two nights there?

Parker in NYCFeb 10, 2020

This is a little added fun, people! Goodness gracious. Send a YouTube to anyone who dares stay less than 3 nights, and then give to their charity.

Animaniac93-98Feb 10, 2020

“Hi Pal! Here’s your Visa bill. See ya real soon!”

ThatMouseFeb 10, 2020

I guess the board didn't approve a ducky williams card for only 2 night stayers. That would dip into the extra billions made from the 20% increase in room rate, new parking fees, and $15 star wars beers.

LiraelFeb 10, 2020

That seems so silly. I can't imagine anyone adding a day to their vacation to get this, so limiting isn't an incentive at all. And it seems like it's punishing people who dare to only stay 3 nights inside disney, instead of being a treat for anyone who chooses to stay at all.

Disstevefan1Feb 10, 2020

Stay for less than three nights, NO MICKEY FOR YOU!!!