Disney's wearable MagicBand+ tech expected to be coming soon to Disney Cruise Line

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Posted: Friday September 9, 2022 9:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's new MagicBand+ wearable is planned to expand beyond the parks and move aboard the Disney Cruise Line fleet.


MagicBand+ made its debut at Walt Disney World in July 2022, updating the original MagicBand with a rechargeable battery, vibrating feedback, and LED lighting.

So far, a Walt Disney World exclusive, Disney has announced that MagicBand+will roll out to Disneyland Resort in California later this year.

Although Disney has remained quiet on MagicBand+ for Cruise Line, sources familiar with the plans suggest that a Cruise Line launch is in the works.

Although the Cruise Line version will be essentially the same as MagicBand+, the device may be rebranded as "WaveBand" to create an exclusive edition for Disney Cruise Line with integration into the Navigator app. It is likely that the original MagicBand will not be supported, and the Cruise Line will only operate with MagicBand+.

Although not yet officially announced, we may hear more about MagicBand+ aboard the Cruise Line during the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, this weekend.

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Kingdom Konsultant8 days ago

We've been hearing this for a while. I think it's a great idea Pam

ChuckElias14 days ago

The lanyard is necessary equipment for displaying all my pins!!!

DCLcruiser14 days ago

If they add door key (maybe they have?) to my Apple Watch, then it's basically a MB on me all the time. Either way, get rid of the card, so I don't have to worry about my stuff when I'm in the pool.

CaptainAmerica15 days ago

The band would be opt-in (i.e. "for purchase"). You can keep your card. But I'll be glad for a more pool-friendly option.

EOD K915 days ago

They better not take away my lanyard!

Andrew C15 days ago

They use MBs at the kids clubs already...

HauntedPirate15 days ago

I have less than zero desire to have to purchase a rechargeable device to wear on my wrist in order to get into my room.

CaptainAmerica15 days ago

Exactly, that's my point. There's no reason MB2 shouldn't work on the ships.

PuertoRekinSam15 days ago

I read this as MagicBand+ will work on the cruise ship. Original magicbands/magicband 2.0 will not.

CaptainAmerica15 days ago

I like the idea of a band on the ships. I think it's silly that it might be only MagicBand+ any might not be compatible with WDW MagicBand+.

todd2315 days ago

Your sentences seem to conflict each other?

ChuckElias15 days ago

The only surprising thing about this is that it's taken this long to implement.

pdude8115 days ago

I just hope it'll at least work with MB+ from WDW and not make us buy and register some separate device for the cruise. Also I'd definitely rather an MB2 for comfort on a cruise, but they don't see interested in redesigning the puck with a simple clip recharger for that

DCLcruiser15 days ago

I have been waiting for this. Thanks!