Bug in new Disney Park Pass system prevents some Disney World annual passholders from making advance theme park reservations

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Posted: Wednesday September 8, 2021 9:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A bug in the new Disney Park Pass system is preventing some Walt Disney World Annual Passholders from making advance theme park reservations.

For passholders with expiring passes that have also purchased a renewal, future Disney Park Pass reservations can only be made up to the date of the currently active pass expiration date. Before today's new system, Disney Park Pass reservations could be made into the future through the renewal period.

In this example shown in the screenshot below, the current Annual Pass expires on September 22. The passholder has already purchased a renewal, which should give the guest the ability to make park reservations from September 23 and beyond. Instead, the new system does not see the pass renewal and blocks any reservations beyond the expiration of the current pass.

Several readers have contacted us already about the issue, and we have a thread on the forum for this specific issue.

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DCBaker3 days ago

Update here too - our park reservation screen finally updated tonight - shows both passes (old and upgraded), with one for reservations up to the 25th and the other from the 25th on.

disneygeek903 days ago

Just to follow up on this, today is my final day on my old pass. It’s now allowing me to select the new pass (top option).

JohnD7 days ago

In "My Plans", you can't delete park reservations made with the new system within the app. (You can with park reservations made with Legacy passes prior to 9/8, however). If you want to delete park reservations made with the new system, you have to do it through MDE/desktop. Counterintuitively, you can click on "Make a Park Reservation" from the + within the app. You'll be redirected to the website (after re-entering your PW), click on the appropriate category under "Make a Park Reservation", then you'll be given a choice to cancel your park reservation. Note that you'll only see the reservations made with the new system.

JohnD7 days ago

I don't think so. They're "grandfathered" and locked in. Once those are used, the passes in My Plans will match the reservation list. Honestly, I was expecting to only get one more for a total of four. Not four more for a total of seven.

VelocityRaptor7 days ago

I just hoping that this doesn’t cause any issues trying to use the original reservations

JohnD7 days ago

Yes. I get the same with Silver. The reservations list only shows the reservations associated with the new schedule. But if you go to My Plans, you'll see all of them. So, for me, I made my original three Silver reservations for 10/1-3. But then as of 9/8, I got four more, which I made for 9/30, and 10/4-6. So I only see those on the reservations list but all 7 in My Plans.

VelocityRaptor7 days ago

Noticed something weird. I have a Platinum AP that expires Oct 18. Currently only have 1 park reservation for Oct 1 that was booked months ago. I went on this morning and booked another reservation for Oct 2, it said that I had 5 available reservations, booked Oct 2 and now on the park reservations page it only shows the Oct 2 reservation but if I go to my plans it shows both. I know nobody knows the answer, but wondering if my Oct 1 reservation is still okay.

DCBaker8 days ago

Just showing the same as yesterday here as well.

donsullivan8 days ago

It looks like the options for this got loaded to the site overnight. Now when I try to make a reservation, it shows my current and renewal pass and I can select one or the other and make reservations accordingly. This is what I see today. it doesn’t clearly define current or future but a tap or two makes it clear.

Gillyanne8 days ago

It expires today, 9/9/2021

disneygeek908 days ago

When did your original gold pass expire?

Gillyanne8 days ago

So maybe it showing up is related to the expiration then (vs. they "fixed" the renewal certs); not sure if that profile could hold 10 if it wasn't for 1 of them expiring today (and therefore only have 1 day even available to book against it)

disneygeek908 days ago

That's interesting you can add 5 extra. I do not have that option still, it's just showing my gold pass.

Gillyanne8 days ago

Update today for our Gold pass. Not sure if it's related to today's expiration or if they fixed whatever. But now when I went it, there was an option to select which pass you wanted to make the reservations with. I was able to go in and make the "extra" reservations for the whole family now :)