Effective today, Disney is enforcing FastPass+ usage terms and conditions

Jun 07, 2017 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday June 7, 2017 11:15am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning June 7 2017, Disney will be strictly enforcing the FastPass+ terms of usage to make the system fairer for everyone.

In particular, the rule regarding FastPass+ reservations only being made on tickets used for admission into the park will be enforced. 

From the official Disneyworld.com website, the rule states:

The valid theme park admission associated with your Site/App account and used to make FastPass+ selections must be the same valid theme park admission that you will use for entry into the park on the day the FastPass+ selections are redeemed.

If you have previously made FastPass+ selections on tickets not used for theme park admission that same day, your My Disney Experience app may be temporarily locked, and the app will prompt you to speak to guest relations or called the My Disney Experience Support Center.

Continued attempts to make FastPass+ reservations with tickets not used for admission that day may result in permanent loss of access to FastPass+.

You can read the full FastPass+ terms and conditions here.

The enforcing of this rule comes as abuse of FastPass+ has become widespread, with visitors using friends tickets, expired tickets, and other methods to obtain more than the allowed amount of FastPass+ allocation per day.

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RSoxNo1Apr 10, 2018

So Fastpass changes...

Disvillain63Apr 09, 2018

Totally agree. Several years ago, our DD was just tall enough to ride Alpengeist @ BGW. The employee even said that he understood that she had reached the height requirement, however he didn't feel it was safe for her due to how petite she was. We accepted their judgement; they load people on to these coasters daily. Yes, DD was disappointed but she accepted the verdict and so did her parents. Her life was more important and valuable than her chance to ride the coaster. Many years later, she got to ride it and loved it.

LAKid53Apr 09, 2018

And they were so un-PC, lol.

MisterPenguinApr 09, 2018

Actually, it is from the time you Brits were being shocked by shells. They were a bunch of movie shorts from that era. Light entertainment of depression era kids being kids. Many people from my generation grew up with these shorts aired on the telly in heavy rotation back when TV shows were aired. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Gang

nickysApr 09, 2018

WTF? :eek::arghh::hilarious: OK, seriously. That is a thing? Please, someone explain to a shell-shocked Brit. Whilst I try (in vain) to forget I ever saw it. I mean, some things just can't be unseen. Anyway, which one was you, @MisterPenguin? And where is your friend, aka Richard van Ditch?

larryzApr 09, 2018

I offer my standard, standing apology in song, myself...

DryerLintFanApr 09, 2018

LOL at "it's perfectly safe to take my child on a ride he/she's too small for, because I put my arm on them to keep them in their seat"

LAKid53Apr 09, 2018


mj2vApr 09, 2018

I guess you can always try to circumvent the rules, and when Disney enforces them, you can post edited footage and try to get additional subscribers for your vlog.....

larandtraApr 09, 2018

Whether you know for a fact or not they "pad" the height requirements, it is still irresponsible as a parent to find any way to "cheat" the height requirements. It is unsafe and if you do it knowingly and your child gets hurt, its on you then. No matter how many lawsuits you file. Pretty black and white no matter how many "excuses" you want to make. You can try to validate it all day long. but, there are no excuses for putting your child at risk.

JoeCamelApr 09, 2018

Thank you

CaptainAmericaApr 09, 2018

Bahahaha my bad. I must have whoever you quoted on my ignore list and the mobile site doesn't give you the option to "show ignored content." It doesn't even show me that you quoted anyone. I apologize.

LAKid53Apr 09, 2018

😂😂😂😂😂 Little Rascals, perfect.

MisterPenguinApr 09, 2018

In case I have ever offended anyone, here is my formal apology expressed in interpretive dance: