Disney World experiencing a digital service outage impacting 'My Disney Experience' and Disney Genie

Dec 07, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:15pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World its currently experiencing a wide-scale outage of its digital services which is impacting a number of experiences at the theme parks.

Services impacted include Disney Park Pass reservations, Disney Genie, Mobile Order, dining reservations, resort hotel reservations, main entrance admission and more.

The likely cause is an ongoing service issue at Amazon Web Services which powers much of Disney's digital platform.

A notice on 'My Disney Experience' and the Disney World website reads:

Pardon the Inconvenience
Some of our digital experiences may be unavailable at this time. We’re actively working to resolve this issue and provide the best possible Guest experience.

There is no word yet on when normal service will resume, but Cast Members are assisting guests where possible.

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TheGuyThatMakesSwords9 days ago

Several years - nothing has changed. There IS no WDW website. One day, there may be one. Today is not that day.

HoustonHorn9 days ago

It has fluctuated between instant an over and hour the last couple of days since the "discounts" were released. Incredibly frustrating. It has been crushing on TAs, who will spend an hour waiting, just to find that either no rooms are available or their savings are actually under $100.

Bullseye196710 days ago

It is only 1 minute now.

MickeyLuv'r10 days ago

Anybody try to look at WDW room rates the past few days? WDW released a discount, but the webpage has a wait time to even look at the webpage. Or it did anyhow. I didn't bother looking today to see if it was any better. The webpage has had problems in the past, but the wait to enter countdown clock showing an hour wait is new.

Cesar R MDec 08, 2021

Speaking of which, anyone seen this? How the basic app shows correct times and the Genie+ inflates on purpose? Plus, I also read that Disney+ went down almost all day today?

yensid1967Dec 08, 2021

but how would someone make park reservations for the day if the service was down?

donsullivanDec 08, 2021

Standby queue

yensid1967Dec 08, 2021

So, in the case that the system would go down... How would anyone be able to plan a park day, a ride reservation or etc!? Seems to me Disney would have a plan B?

pdude81Dec 08, 2021

Kiosks take space, allow for crowding, and require maintenance. I think the app is way better for Disney on all fronts, including being able to blame issues on your hardware or not updating the app rather than one of their machines going down. If they require you to be in park to make a lightning lane reservation, it'll be on your phone after you scan in like the previously did with Maxpass. That would be an additional benefit to on-site guests as with maxpass you could choose your first one during early entry.

jeanericuser001Dec 08, 2021

Well this is comforting in a way. The more problems disney sees with the app the more they may rethink using the app in favor of an onsite in park locations from within the network itself. This will likely lead to the return of the kiosks for making fast pass reservations. This way people will need to be on site to book which could cut back on superfulous reservations that flood the system before anyone has a chance to book normally.

Cesar R MDec 07, 2021

Getting flashbacks when Level 3 and COGECO NA went down both at same time around 10 years ago.. x_X

KramericaDec 07, 2021

Even when fully online the app and website seem to really suck.

mikejs78Dec 07, 2021

It took a long time for them to update their status page. At my company we were seeing things down for well over an hour and the status page was all green.

MrMichaelJamesDec 07, 2021

They are recovering, not 100% yet but things are starting to improve.