Disney World experiencing a digital service outage impacting 'My Disney Experience' and Disney Genie

Dec 07, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:15pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World its currently experiencing a wide-scale outage of its digital services which is impacting a number of experiences at the theme parks.

Services impacted include Disney Park Pass reservations, Disney Genie, Mobile Order, dining reservations, resort hotel reservations, main entrance admission and more.

The likely cause is an ongoing service issue at Amazon Web Services which powers much of Disney's digital platform.

A notice on 'My Disney Experience' and the Disney World website reads:

Pardon the Inconvenience
Some of our digital experiences may be unavailable at this time. We’re actively working to resolve this issue and provide the best possible Guest experience.

There is no word yet on when normal service will resume, but Cast Members are assisting guests where possible.

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jaklgreen18 days ago

They have an IT, it is just "off shore" IT, as my husband's company likes to call them. You get what you pay for.

TheGuyThatMakesSwords20 days ago

When a business has back-end systems from 1988, with a cute front-end website? Yup, this will happen over and over. Disney HAS no IT. Until they do? Expect crashing, print EVERYTHING, and have it with you :(.

Sans Souci21 days ago

It's because of the ✨ Mercury retrograde.✨

G00fyDad21 days ago

I just checked and all of my tickets and passes are still in as well as the DAS selections and Memory Maker. Things like this are why I made printouts and digital copies of everything when it was booked.

HauntedPirate21 days ago

Sounds like something crashed and burned, perhaps a database if tickets were disappearing. Recovery would have been from a backup if that’s the case.

Weather_Lady21 days ago

It's back... and my family's comp tickets have disappeared from our "tickets and passes." Good thing I still have the Guest Recovery number associated with the tickets...

DCBaker21 days ago

Seems to be fixed.

crazy4disney21 days ago

Its the biggest fear while down there… during my trip for a couple hours 1 day they were only able to take cash and i was just waiting for the whole system to come crashing to a halt… i get it happens but when you rely so much on the app/site/IT to do everything in the parks this is unacceptable. Hopefully its back up and running before parks are open.

Br0ckford21 days ago

And yet, they are gonna create a whole infrastructure around D+ to enhance our experience.

wdwmagic21 days ago

Seems quite widespread, looks like everything is down.

DCBaker21 days ago

Seems to be having issues this morning - can't log into My Disney Experience.

GeorgeApr 18, 2022

Make a note with on the day they are checking in and tag everyone you want in your planning party.

MaxsDadMar 04, 2022

Has anyone ever had an issue with My Disney Experience where people in your Friends and Family List that were listed and shown on WDW Resort reservations within the MDEx, do not show in the "My Planning Party" section? And if so, how did you get it corrected? I have tried calling the help number and cannot even get someone on the phone. I have tried e mailing, and they do not seem to understand the issue. If they had Chat , that would be great, but it does not even appear.

noodlesFeb 21, 2022

Lol! I really have no idea what happened. Too funny!