Walt Disney World Cast compliment feature comes to My Disney Experience

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Posted: Wednesday October 6, 2021 3:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

My Disney Experience has a new feature to recognize great service from Walt Disney World cast members.

To leave a comment, you can access the new feature via the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Destination Guide in the My Disney Experience mobile app. Select a positive statement and location from the dropdown menu.

Some of the service to be recognized includes, "Caring for my individual needs," "Celebrating a milestone with us, "Helping me with a unique situation," "Paying special attention to my children," and "Going above and beyond to create happiness."

Unfortunately, the system does not allow for any comments, or a place to enter the name of the cast member. Also, you cannot specify a specific location beyond the general area and type of location - such as Magic Kingdom dining.

You can see the full process in the overview video below.

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Communicora9 days ago

This one is fun by fans, not Disney.

Bullseye196710 days ago

The Twitter handle is @CastCompliment.

Mousertainment10 days ago

I literally wait in line at City Hall or equivalent guest services location to leave compliments usually (I take notes on my phone of the cm's name and location and time of magic-making to help leave specific details for the compliment when I can). Though recently I had such a terrific waiter at a character meal that at the end of the meal, I asked to see his lead and gave my praise directly that way. But I believe you can also leave a tweet/message on the parks' social media accounts with the hashtag #castcompliment and leave the details that way, too.

nickys11 days ago

I know a lot of people use GuestServices@disneyworld.com and use the CMs name, location etc. Do you know if there’s a better way than that generic email address for compliments?

JohnD15 days ago

Then let them know. Click on “App Feedback” instead which does have a “description” field, BTW.

MrPromey15 days ago

Yeah, this feels like it helps nobody - absolutely useless except for a "feel good" for the guest and probably a business metric they can toss on a chart to help show how satisfied guests are.

Luxe15 days ago

Another swing and a miss.

EeyoreFan#2415 days ago

it needed to go electronic, however I can’t think of a bigger “this is all for show” statement to the cast than taking generic complements without a name. I hope there is a phased approach and this is just a first step.

SpectroMagician16 days ago

Agree with everyone above, this feature is useless if you cannot put the cast member's name in it

Becky16 days ago

I do NOT put the manager on the spot if they say they did not get the letter. I carry a copy with me and I simply say "Oh I am sorry I must have used the wrong address, here is a copy of my letter". This way neither the manager or Cast Member is put on the spot.

macefamily16 days ago

Being that Disney is going through a deep cost-cutting measure, is this how they weed out cast members to release ? Need a minimum number of compliments per month ?

Becky16 days ago

Useless for the Cast Member who did something wonderful. This is just something Disney bean counters developed for advertising. "See how great we are. Come visit and give us all your money." I hand write letters and send them to guest services giving the Cast Member's name and what they did to make a moment magical. On my next visit I ask the Cast Member if their manager told them about the letter. If not I ask to see their manager or lead (or whatever the lead is called now). If I am somewhere where the manager is present, restaurant for example, I ask to speak to the manager and tell them of the great service given by the Cast Member. I then ask if there is a better address to send my letter other than guest services/relations.

Mousertainment16 days ago

Which accomplishes nothing for the individual CM who did something above and beyond that warranted recognition and just allows the company to say "hey, everything is going great here." Please, folks, compliment the Cast Member specifically even if it means taking a little extra time to do it the effective way. It matters. They made the effort and it's worth it in return.

Bullseye196716 days ago

That's what I said. Instead of a CM compliment, it is a Cast as a whole compliment.