Walt Disney World Cast compliment feature comes to My Disney Experience

Oct 06, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday October 6, 2021 3:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

My Disney Experience has a new feature to recognize great service from Walt Disney World cast members.

To leave a comment, you can access the new feature via the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Destination Guide in the My Disney Experience mobile app. Select a positive statement and location from the dropdown menu.

Some of the service to be recognized includes, "Caring for my individual needs," "Celebrating a milestone with us, "Helping me with a unique situation," "Paying special attention to my children," and "Going above and beyond to create happiness."

Unfortunately, the system does not allow for any comments, or a place to enter the name of the cast member. Also, you cannot specify a specific location beyond the general area and type of location - such as Magic Kingdom dining.

You can see the full process in the overview video below.

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Texas84Feb 17, 2022

Awesome. Wanted to compliment someone last trip and couldn't do it. So sent WDW an e-mail instead.

MousertainmentFeb 17, 2022

Could have. But he simply refused to do anything until I got off the bus - and then he took off and left me alone in the dark with no idea how to get back to my hotel. Thankfully, Random Stranger told me what to do. #notmagicalbusdriver

LiraelFeb 16, 2022

Disney finally did it. Finally, a new feature that is unanimously good and an improvement, and there's nothing to complain about.

JohnDFeb 16, 2022

Being that late, the bus driver could have driven you directly where you needed then taken the bus back to dispatch or wherever. One morning, I got up real early because I had a breakfast ADR at Poly and was staying at a value. So I went to the bus depot expecting to catch a bus to MK then having to boat or monorail over to Poly. I boarded the MK bus when it arrived. It was so early and no one else boarded that the bus driver drove me direct to Poly!

NelleBelleFeb 16, 2022

Maybe he was the same bus driver we had coming back from the MK one afternoon last April (half joking). We waited about 30 minutes for a bus to pull up for YC. We all climb on and wait for everyone else to board. Once everyone is onboard, the driver said he was just waiting for his relief driver. We waited and waited and watched the bus driver actually start to get mad and blow up. Someone actually had the nerve to ask him what would happen if he didn’t show up; the driver actually said we would have to wait for ANOTHER BUS!! That set the entire bus off. So after waiting a good 40 minutes (on top of the 30 we initially waited) the driver slammed his backpack into the locked cabinet and finally got us underway to the YC!! It was SO awkward and silent on the ride back😬

MousertainmentFeb 16, 2022

My first time at WDW, I had a totally opposite experience with a bus driver. I was so new to the system since I'd never been before and was at a resort hotel late one night that wasn't where I was staying. I knew enough to know I couldn't get directly back to my hotel by bus, so I went to a bus stop and saw the only bus there - it had a sign for one of the parks, I started to get on it, figuring I could get back to my hotel from the park. The bus driver tried to discourage me from climbing aboard - said "no no no I'm done" and shook his hands at me to shoo me away. I was tired and I didn't want to sleep at the bus stop and he wouldn't tell me anything besides "no" even when I said something to the effect of I was trying to get back to my hotel. So when he said nothing else, I just sat down in one of the front seats and he shrugged and crossed his arms and wouldn't do anything. I started getting worried when he wouldn't tell me anything about how to get anywhere and he wouldn't move the bus. So I finally got out (and then he immediately drove off) and wandered around the hotel in the dark till I found a person - not even cast I think - and I all but begged asking "how can I get back to my hotel? The bus won't take me anywhere!" The person explained once the parks closed, the buses didn't go back to them and that I had to find a bus going to Downtown Disney (at the time) and then take a hotel bus from there. I was exhausted and grateful that a random stranger had helped (southern hospitality!) and seriously pissed off that that cast member bus driver hadn't simply told me the same thing, just "no I'm done! no I'm done!" and then refusing to tell me anything else. (To be fair, i don't think English was his first language, but I would think he could have said more to a tourist standing there alone in the dark with no idea how to get back to their hotel.)

MousertainmentFeb 16, 2022

NOW it's a useful feature!

NelleBelleFeb 16, 2022

Love this! We went out of way to make sure that we left a compliment for a bus driver that saw us waiting at the CR after our late dinner at CG. We were going to take a bus back to Epcot and walk through the park back to YC. He pulled up and asked where we where headed and told him our plan. He asked if we just wanted to go to the resort and drive us directly there! It will be so much easier to compliment more CM (and hopefully h to my get them) using this feature!

Bullseye1967Feb 15, 2022

About time.

wdwmagicFeb 15, 2022

Walt Disney World Cast Compliment feature improved in My Disney Experience app https://www.wdwmagic.com/other/mymagicplus/news/15feb2022-cast-compliment-feature-improved-in-my-disney-experience-app.htm

Bullseye1967Nov 10, 2021

Write an email. It will get the job done.

RoadiJeffNov 10, 2021

Sometimes if you leave a review (google, yelp) about a place and mention the cast member by name I've heard it gets them noticed.

ChomamaNov 10, 2021

I had an amazing cast experience this weekend and wanted to let leadership know. I forgot as we left the park and tried on the app. Useless as I can’t add the attraction or the cast member name. I am already home. Any suggestions? Thanks!

CommunicoraOct 13, 2021

This one is fun by fans, not Disney.