Same-day reservations appear to now be available for Disney Park Pass even when listed as unavailable

Jan 06, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday January 6, 2021 11:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney appears to be adjusting the criteria for Disney Park Pass availability at Walt Disney World following the introduction of park hopping on January 1 2021.

It now appears that same-day Disney Park Pass reservations can be made even if the reservation availability calendar says none are available. We tested this today by trying to make a reservation for Disney's Hollywood Studios. Early in the day, the park was listed as not being available, and attempts to make a reservation failed. However, at around 11:15am, it was possible to make a reservation, despite the reservation availability calendar indicating there was no availability.

This has likely been introduced as part of the new park hopping ability for theme parks that begins at 2pm. Disney may have found that guests have been randomly making reservations at any park, with the intention of then hopping to the park of their choice at 2pm. Giving guests the ability to make a same-day reservation for a park removes that need and may help Disney manage crowds more accurately by using reservations instead of park hopping.

Disney has yet to make any announcement regarding any possible change in policy, so at this point the information should be treated as speculation that may change at anytime. Thanks to @TheVisonarySoul on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the change.

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zengothFeb 02, 2021

Not sure how Disney calculates its capacity on a per space basis, but it doesn't seem consistent (to me at least). At EPCOT this past weekend, the winding line to get into the Mexican pavillion meant the place was able to maintain a comfortable distance between people once inside; contrast to MouseGear - and despite waiting in line to enter the store - once inside, it was a wall-to-wall crowd with nowhere to hide. Overall for a Saturday during an art festival, the crowd wasn't too bad (EPCOT didn't open until eleven).

arich35Feb 02, 2021

How does the 2nd week of May usually compare to late January when it comes to crowds?

ParentsOf4Feb 02, 2021

Last week (week of January 21, 2021), we finished our fifth onsite stay since WDW reopened. Although still strong, I noticed an appreciable decline in mask compliance. Probably more than 99% of people were wearing masks correctly last week. However, on previous trips, it felt like it was 99.9% (or even 99.99%). Several were walking about with masks not covering their noises. A handful were walking about eating or drinking. COVID fatigue has set in everywhere. Crowds in late January felt a bit lighter than what we experienced in November and December, and roughly the same as what we experienced in late September. 528671 528672 528673

LUVMCOFeb 01, 2021

Tell me about it. I was there in August. It was brutal.

tlking88Feb 01, 2021

They aren’t enforcing the masks all that much anymore. Yes the constantly remind them but not enforce. Sat by a group on CoP at MK last Monday and two constantly had masks off, same whole walking throughout the park, children older than 2 running with no mask, the half mask things going on... Epcot wasn’t so bad and AK weren’t as bad, but people cutting lines was a real thing for waits outside the buildings that crossed walkways... also there isn’t much social distancing anymore. Big groups fill the 6 ft markers and the next group just doesn’t give space... I was waiting in line at Sleepy Hollow last Monday keeping six feet and had a gentleman come up to me and ask if I was in line because I was on the next marker and had his group were to close for comfort so I stepped to the side... it wasn’t horrible but wasn’t as wonderful and enforced as it was last July...

networkproFeb 01, 2021

Thats offensive :)

matt9112Feb 01, 2021

Cant have those around here...its super serious world ending talk only.

danlb_2000Feb 01, 2021

Lighten up, it was a joke. :)

networkproFeb 01, 2021

You practice social distancing, basic sanitation, hygiene, wear real masks and your fine until you can get vaccinated.

danlb_2000Feb 01, 2021

"You take the blue pill and you go home where you are safe from the virus. You take the red pill and you stay in wonderland and I will show you just how bad the crowds will get." ;)

JFPFeb 01, 2021

We just returned from (1/24-1/30). I didn't have the same experience as the other poster. There were certain places where the walkways were crowded. However, the waits were short and constantly moving across all 4 parks we visited. We found the wait times to all be inflated; most significantly inflated. I also saw near 100% mask compliance - everywhere.

matt9112Feb 01, 2021

Call me crazy but i udnerstand the need for basic rides. (But spinners have horrible capacity) the placement is just eek.

matt9112Feb 01, 2021

I mean....opening a slew of atteactions in (for Disney standards) a very short order in the smallest park on property without increasing much if any actual capacity (i mean in the context of pathways etc) is bound to go over well....couple that with a lottery for the latest in that slew of attractions and there you have it. To be fair studios needed the love but they should have forseen some of this even minus covid alot better. This is the company that had no idea people like shade when they wait in line remember 🤣🤣

matt9112Feb 01, 2021

Disney is a marketing machine....anything they can fluff as the greatest thing humanity had ever seen they will. Im suprised we dont get prime time ads when a new restroom opens.