Disney now testing My Disney Experience Shop in Store mobile checkout

Dec 04, 2020 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Friday December 4, 2020 11:!1am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mobile checkout at retail stores is coming to Walt Disney World via My Disney Experience and is now in testing at two locations.

Currently limited to Mouse Gear at EPCOT and Everything POP at Disney's Pop Century Resort, you can buy merchandise without having to visit a register. Here is how out works:

  • You pickup a special mobile checkout bag when you enter the store.
  • Use My Disney Experience to scan items and then place them in the bag.
  • When finished, touch Check Out and pay on your phone.
  • As you exit the store, a Cast Member scans an app generated QR code to verify the purchase.

The move to self service comes at a time of Disney saving labor costs and minimizing Cast Member interaction due to COVID-19. Although new for Disney, similar systems have been in use at other retailers for some time, perhaps most notably at Apple and Walmart.

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castlecake2.0Dec 07, 2020

The Disney store I worked at used to have someone scheduled to walk the line for the registers at Christmas reminding people to have their payment ready, make sure everything had tags, make sure they had sizes they needed etc. On days we had that cast member our average transaction time was about 45 seconds, days we didn’t ... it’s like no one had paid for something before.

LdnoDec 06, 2020

Like I mentioned, I think it’s crazier to do in bigger stores, but today I walked into the Mall’s Disney’s store, told them I didn’t want to bag my stuff and like a hawk you could see my kids and the cm watching us walk out with our toys in hand and the cm at the door making eye contact like they knew were coming. I only said that because at World Disney is pure chaos in there and no one really pays attention to you. Unless the cameras point at you the moment you make a purchase. Curious to see how well they implement this.

icc2515Dec 06, 2020

This is great news. Those lines for checkout are stupid long. I can never figure out why it takes so long for a cast member to ring up 2 stuffed animals and a tee shirt. Oh I know, it's not the cast member causing the delay, it's the guest. How do I know this? Well because it only takes about 30 seconds to ring me out. I have my credit card or cash in hand ready to go. None of us are really going to miss having to wait for somebody to fish their form of payment out. What, did you think that were not going to have to pay for that stuff? Seriously, you were waiting in line for 10 minutes. Did it never occur to you to take out your payment? For all of you worrying about the shoplifting, don't. Disney will save more money in labor than what will be walking out the door. All those people who want to have somebody check them out will still have the opportunity to stand in line for a half hour so you don't have to upgrade your flip phone.

UCFDec 05, 2020

Sams Club/Walmart has the person who scans the QR code at the door do a quick count of the number of items to make sure that matches up, and also look for any high value items or pick at least one random item and scan the barcode on that to make sure it matches up. I used to hate going to those stores because of the long, miserable checkout experience, but my opinion has totally reversed since they introduced Scan n Go

dreday3Dec 05, 2020

I was thinking they'd just have a counter like they do at the resorts? You can drop it off after your purchase and they will ship to resort? If that even comes back since it's not happening now. We usually leave in the middle of day to go back to resort, so we do our shopping then and just take our stuff with us. But I have used it in the past and I do like having the option to ship... Regardless....I loove this! We utilize self check-out everywhere that offers it. Everything is going this way sooner or later. And I'm sure there will be enough CMs there to help those with questions, etc.

giantgolferDec 05, 2020

I’d assume you’d have to checkout in the regular line if you want it delivered. No change there. But at least the line to checkout will be shorter!

asianwayDec 05, 2020

RIP DCP this is what a $15 minimum wage gets you

GoofyPalWaltDec 05, 2020

Who bags my purchase for Resort delivery? The CM at the door? I'm not carrying it around the rest of the day.

giantgolferDec 05, 2020

If cast members are ringing up backpacks without checking the inside of them then they have been poorly trained. I find that hard to believe.

LdnoDec 05, 2020

The Only thing CM worry about is mask enforcement policies which at this point one can easily start coughing and just leave, all jokes aside, I honestly worry about Disney’s nonchalant bag policies, I always see kids walking out with toys they never tell their parents about. Granted this is more controllable in the disney mall stores because disney employees talk to each with headsets but I figure it would be harder to enforce at world of disney, the emporium or bigger stores, I mean just imagine how much stuff you can fit in those little “doone and Burke” backpacks one can pretend to use as their “checkout” bag. Accidental theft from kids is accidental, just imagine walking out with the 35,000usd swaroski castle then be like oopsie I paid for this Via the phone app. but Hey what do I know.

LastoneOnDec 05, 2020

Armageddon. It's literally armageddon. How can we allow some people to self check out while so many others are too inept to handle it. It's outrageous.

giantgolferDec 04, 2020

Stealing what? The CM will match up what’s on your receipt vs. what’s in the bag. Like I said previously, this changes nothing in regards to loss prevention. You can steal just as easily paying at the register.

_calebDec 04, 2020

Well, I suppose they could also use the app to track someone's smartphone from the shop to the front gate... That should give Disney's crack team of security professionals plenty of time to catch the perpetrators!

ParkerLoLsDec 04, 2020

From stealing?