MyMagic+ rollout to accelerate in early 2014 with reworked 'My Disney Experience' and expansion of off-site FastPass+ use

Jan 02, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

Now that the busy holiday period is over, the Disney NextGen team will turn their attention to the final rollout of MyMagic+ in this first quarter of 2014.

Although recent reports and reviews from guests using MyMagic+ are becoming increasingly positive, Disney recognizes that there are still some issues with the system. During the next couple of months a reworked version of the 'My Disney Experience' web site and mobile apps will be launched, aiming to resolve one of the most frequently reported problems with MyMagic+, the slow access and response of the online platforms. 

Continuing from the test that began in late December 2013 at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the use of FastPass+ by offsite guests will be expanded to the remaining parks, paving the way for elimination of legacy FASTPASS and to have all guests using FastPass+ by the Spring of 2014.

Assuming the test and adjust period is successful, the entire MyMagic+ project with all its components will be fully deployed and in use by all Walt Disney World guests by Spring 2014.

If you need help or have questions about using MyMagic+, visit the section on our forum for help and tips from other users.

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Article Posted: Jan 02, 2014 / 7:38am EST