MagicBand+ to go live at Walt Disney World in June 2022 and sell for under $30

May 01, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Sunday May 1, 2022 2:08pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's next generation of MagicBand wearable will go live at Walt Disney World in June 2022.

Priced at $29.99, MagicBand+ will retain the original features and add new functionality to enhance the park experience.

One of the first shipments was accidentally put on shelves for sale at World of Disney earlier today, and a number were sold before being pulled from sale. Early buyers got an up-close look at MagicBand+, but cannot link them to My Disney Experience to use them in the parks.

According to Disney, MagicBand+ will come alive at various times with color-changing lights, haptic vibrations and gesture recognition, enhancing the environment's immersive storytelling.

The wearable will allow guests to engage with favorite Disney moments in new ways and discover new interactive experiences, including:

  • Play like a bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away and find virtual bounties throughout Black Spire Outpost in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • Interact with the "Disney Fab 50 Character Collection," the golden sculptures spread throughout the Walt Disney World theme parks.
  • Experience nighttime spectaculars in a new way as they see their bands light up and complement the magic in the skies, including the new "Harmonious" at EPCOT and "Disney Enchantment" at Magic Kingdom Park.

MagicBand+ will be available at a discounted, pre-arrival price for Disney Resort hotel guests, as well as new and renewing Walt Disney World Annual Passholders. Current MagicBands will continue to be available, as well, along with the complimentary Disney MagicMobile service that extends MagicBand features, such as park entry, to smart devices.

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MisterPenguin13 days ago

I saw somewhere something about delays from supply issues.

pdude8114 days ago

I'm also wondering when this will be a thing.

Rk2k514 days ago

Is there any updates about the new MagicBands. Does anyone know when during the summer it will be released?

LieutLaww25 days ago

They didn't say which Summer though :P

dreday325 days ago

Ah, thank you!

JaxFLBear25 days ago

The latest vague release time frame from Disney is Summer.

dreday325 days ago

Welp, they still didn't release those dang new magic bands with packages today! I wonder what the hold up is, weren't they supposed to be out by now?

dreday3May 30, 2022

Hi. Does anyone have any info on if these will be available when packages come out on June 8th? We are weirdos who buy a couple of magic bands before each trip, but if these come out we will only purchase one each.

Rivergirl05May 15, 2022

We are going June 13. Does anyone thing it will be available online for resort guests before we go?

HauntedPirateMay 06, 2022

"Sorry, sir, that's now an after-hours event extra up-charge premium experience. The mouse out front should have let you know."

MrPromeyMay 06, 2022

Also the same company that has this in the MK which works with a magic band or a regular ticket: When Disney spoke of interactivity, I was expecting something like this which is included "free" with park admission. _

WorldExplorerMay 05, 2022

I'm starting to actively dislike the whole statue thing. First they make the stupidest decisions possible for who gets a statue (nothing says "Walt Disney World" more than Elsa's animal sidekick that's never been in the parks ever). Then they reveal that the interactivity they were hyping up so much is behind an upcharge. THEN they reveal that the much hyped interactivity is about as boring as possible. Heck, either they're showing it poorly or couldn't even be bothered to get available actors to record 50th specific lines. I'll cut them slack on the bands not showing up for a huge chunk of the "celebration" because I understand that there are supply issues, but nothing else. (And really, even then, maybe they should have held back on talking about the interactivity...) They aren't even fun to search for. You find the majority of them clustered together on pedestals in a hub area. Anyway, I'm not buying the band, if that wasn't clear.

TouchdownMay 05, 2022

I’m probably going to buy a few solely for the rechargeable feature. Sue me, especially if it’s a $20-30 price point.

kalel8145May 05, 2022

Or telling me its time to get my rear-end moving.