Two big new features coming soon to MyMagic+

Mar 01, 2016 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday March 1, 2016 12:44pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Two major new features are set to debut later this Spring at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

First up is perhaps the solution to one of the biggest guest complaints with FastPass+.

If everything goes to plan, starting sometime around early April 2016, you will be able to make those additional FastPass+ reservations directly from My Disney Experience on your phone. This new functionality will eliminate the need to go to kiosks to make additional FastPass+ reservations after your initial three have been used.

Also set to debut soon is the widespread rollout of StoryMaker, which is the interactive component of MyMagic+ that we heard so much about in the early days of the project. StoryMaker was one of the features that did not make the initial rollout of MyMagic+ due to the complexities with other areas of the system that were deemed to be of higher importance. A concentration of efforts on FastPass+ and MagicBand reliability, along with rising costs put StoryMaker on the back-burner, until now.

Already testing in some areas, StoryMaker allows attractions to interact with guests, using information from the MyMagic+ profile associated with the guest. For example, the "it's a small world" goodbye sequence may know exactly where you are from, or a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse might use your name.

Disney has not yet announced the availability of the new features, so as always, treat as speculation at this time.

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rneseMay 11, 2016

Thanks! My 60 day window opened today and I can confirm what you're shared. Frozen is not listed as a Fastpass option for Mid July, and... The AK is still listed as closing at 5pm in Mid July. I guess I'm going to have to monitor the MyExperience site daily until it's updated. Fortunately, I have no life.

lemon meringueMay 10, 2016

I'm not sure what you're telling me is amiss with my post. First off- my thread was merged with this one earlier today so if there's some disconnect in the conversation that may be why. I just doubled checked using my MDE account and I absolutely can not make any evening Fastpass selections for Animal kingdom on any of my trip dates. The latest FP available for any attraction at AK is 4:30 for Festival of the Lion King. I also CAREFULLY double checked the Epcot offerings and Frozen is not listed. So again, I don't know where you think I'm "amiss"? EDIT: I just re-checked park hours for Animal Kingdom and the late closings still only go to July 2 as many, many posters on this forum have been stating for some time. From July 3 and onward the closing time posted is 5:00.

lemon meringueMay 10, 2016

As of this morning, none of this is even an option yet. Hopefully there will be an update for you before your Fastpass Day. My 60 day point was this past Saturday and I had to proceed without being able to count on AK being open at night.

lemon meringueMay 10, 2016

I just reviewed all of the Fastpass options being offered for our July trip which begins on the 6th. Frozen is not included with the Epcot choices on either tier at this point. Animal Kingdom is still listed as closing at 5PM every day so no night time offerings are available for me to choose, just the usual daytime offerings.

ZipadeeladyMay 10, 2016

I'm betting the same. I'd hate to see TT, Soarin, and Frozen all in Tier 1.

rneseMay 10, 2016

If I were a gambling man I'd bet it'll be a Tier 1.

rneseMay 10, 2016

My thoughts exactly SW_Matt! Thanks.

ZipadeeladyMay 10, 2016

I have also asked about the Tier's at Epcot but haven't heard yet. Hoping to find out soon!

SW_mattMay 10, 2016

You can bet that Nightime safari is going to be mega popular as it is brand new so you might want to fastpass that one early on, coupled with the fact that there isn't TOO much else you would need a fast pass for in AK other than maybe EE?

rneseMay 10, 2016

I go in mid July and am looking to see if anyone can answer a question and/or provide feedback. For EPCOT, is there anything for Frozen in terms of if it's a "Tier 1" or "Tier 2"? Also, I'm wondering if I should reserve a FP+ for the nighttime Safari at AK right away and just deal with only using the three FP's for the day as opposed to getting three early and HOPING there is a FP+ time available for the nighttime safari after I've used the three. What would YOU do? Thanks

lemon meringueMay 09, 2016

Yes- I did get Soarin, exactly at the time I wanted. The new Frozen ride- to be honest, I totally forgot about it and never even checked if it was there. lol For Animal Kingdom, the park is still listed as closing at 5 PM during our July visit. After reading about all of the disappointed people who had planned on it for the April opening, I decided to just do our usual morning/afternoon there and not even bother getting excited about the new night offerings. I'd rather have a schedule I can count on in place at this point. We'll be returning in September so hopefully when it's time to do those FPs the AK night situation will be more stable.

lemon meringueMay 09, 2016

We usually do rope drop or pre-park opening breakfast then we hit as many rides as possible before the stand by lines back up. I'll have the FPs for late morning/early afternoon when things get crowded. Then after we use the FPs we head to the resort for pool, nap, change of clothes time. We head for a different park in the early evening and I'll try to get additional FPs as we go. Sometimes we luck out and get some good ones, sometimes we spend the evening mostly strolling around and not getting on anything, at least until later when the crowds thin. I'll have to wait until July to see how the new rules change the later part of our routine.

PaulaTMay 09, 2016

ok, you booked for July, could you get soarin or the new frozen ride ? What about animal kingdoms night time safari or rivers of light or even kali at night, cause the hours for july still show closing at 5

TuvaluMay 09, 2016

Your plan sounds fine! It is nice to have those guaranteed afternoon/evening fastpasses when the parks are generally more crowded than they are in the mornings. :)