FastPass+ tier adjustments at Disney's Hollywood Studios puts all of the most popular rides into tier 1

Jul 01, 2019 in "MyMagic+"

The FastPass+ tiers are being adjusted from August 29 2019 at Disney's Hollywood Studios, putting all of the most popular rides into tier 1.

In the change, Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Rollercoaster both move from tier 2 to tier 1. This leaves only a single ride, Star Tours, in tier 2. As a reminder, you can choose one experience from tier 1, and two experiences from tier 2.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will open this summer initially without FastPass+, so there are likely more changes to come when the two new Star Wars rides eventually join the FP+ line-up.

Disney's Hollywood Studios FastPass+ Tier 1

Rock n Roller Coaster
Alien Swirling Saucers
Slinky Dog Dash
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Toy Story Mania

Disney's Hollywood Studios FastPass+ Tier 2

Star Tours
Frozen Sing-Along
Disney Junior Dance Party!
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Muppet Vision 3D
Voyage of the Little Mermaid

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Article Posted: Jul 01, 2019 / 2:33pm ET
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RSoxNo1Sep 11, 2019

Availability for NRJ is improving. For me the solution to tiers is to drop advanced bookings at DHS, Epcot and DAK to two instead of three. I know crowds are very light right now, but there's plenty of NRJ availability for tomorrow.

RSoxNo1Sep 11, 2019

Yeah, this is the move once all rides have Fastpass.

nickysSep 11, 2019

They trialled the multiple parks thing this summer with a very select few guests who were invited to try it. Haven’t heard anything else since. 🤷‍♀️

HoustonHornSep 11, 2019

I don't know if anyone else here appreciates your intimate familiarity with the FP+ rules, but I do. But this is a layer of complexity that is about as ridiculous as the current MGM and EPCOT tiers. If FP is here to stay, they should ditch the tiers (they could manipulate crowds in other ways, like having some rides have 50% of capacity reserved for FP, and others at the current 80%) and let anyone with a parkhopper ticket make their initial FP reservations in multiple parks.

nickysSep 11, 2019

You have three initial FPs that can be pre-booked or booked on the day. So your suggestion is to pre-book #1 at AK, for example. I assume a tier1. Use it, then book #2 at MK. That’s fine so far. - If you delete it, you’re back to square one, you’ve only used one of those initial FPs. - By modify it, what are you modifying it to? You could keep checking to see if you could bring it forward I guess. Or change it to another ride. Either way, fine so far again. I think you would need to enter that park to be able to let it expire for it to count. (Bearing in mind the risk associated with that, I always recommend the “tap and run” method). So let’s say you do actually ride it, or tap in at least. You then want to make #3 back at AK? That would have to be a tier2, before you could book another tier1 because it’s in the same park as another of your initial FPs. So if your idea is to circumvent the tier rules, you’d be better off using tap and run, and/or modify #2&3 forward to an earlier time. You can only circumvent the tiers by going to a different park. You can book FoP, tap in and whilst in line book Soarin and SE. #2&3 are in the same park so must follow the tier rules at Epcot. Or You can book FoP, tap in and then book Soarin and TSMM. All 3 are in different parks, so no tier rules apply.

mikejs78Sep 11, 2019

@nickys Do you know what happens if you use a FP in park A, then book one in park B, then modify/delete (or let expire) and book one in park A again?

nickysSep 11, 2019

No. If you are staying in the same park, you must use two tier2 FPs before trying to get another tier1 FP. You can tap in and not ride, or let them expire. But letting them expire does not always work, especially if you are not in the park at the time of the FP or they are after the tier1 FP.

Kevin_WSep 11, 2019

I did not realize that. thanks.

dryerlintfanSep 11, 2019

If you book them ahead of time they're laid out in hour long windows. So you would burn one at 9, one at 10, one at 11. If you do as suggested in the previous post, you'd burn one at 9, likely ride that ride, so then you could burn the next at 9:15 ish, and the next at 9:20. Then you could try for another tier one FP by 9:30 instead of 11:05 or whatever

TimeTripSep 11, 2019

Do you have to do in-park? Or can you book all 3 ahead of time for the morning (one tier 1 and two tier 2), tap in on all, and then get another tier 1? Or are you betting that you can book the tier2's for an earlier time than pre-booking because you tapped then booked therefore getting around the pre-booking overlap restriction?

mikejs78Sep 11, 2019

Exactly what I did. I had a business trip to Orlando in May, so went solo with a park hopper. Did Slinky and RnRC with FPs early afternoon, then once I tapped into RnRC I immediately booked a FP for Test Track, and headed over to Epcot. Also got one for Soarin after that. Stayed for F&G food and my last ever viewing of RoE. That was a great day.

mikejs78Sep 11, 2019

Yes, it would force you. What I would do is book my tier 1 as early as possible, then book a tier 2 as soon as I tap in to my tier 1. Then go and tap in to my tier 2 but don't actually ride or attend the show if if I don't want to. Book my third tier 2 and do the same. Then you are free to try to book other tier 1s.

MarkiewongSep 11, 2019

But what happens if I only book a tier1 and not book the other two at all? Will the app force me to book two tier2 FPs one by one? In general, what would be suggested as strategy for HS now that almost all attractions are moved into tier1?

MansionButler84Sep 11, 2019

Thanks! This is something I didn’t know. Useful when starting at DHS in particular.