MagicBand+ charging cable is now available for purchase at Walt Disney World

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MagicBand+ Charging Cable accessory
Posted: Monday August 1, 2022 12:05pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is now selling MagicBand+ charging cables as a separate accessory at the Walt Disney World theme parks.


The MagicBand+ charging cable accessory is priced at $7.99 and is packaged in a small rectangular box.

The proprietory 6-inch cable features a USB-A connector at one end and the docking cradle connector at the other. The accessory is identical to the cable included with a MagicBand+ purchase.

Disney appears to be anticipating that guests may lose the included charging cable and is offering an alternative to buying a new MagicBand+ due to a lost charging cable.

Although the MagicBand+ can provide most basic features without being charged, the interactive elements do require a daily overnight charge. Battery life varies depending on usage of the interactive functions but is typically good for a day in the parks.

You can learn more about the MagicBand+ in our FAQ.

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LieutLaww8 hours ago

I ordered mine a couple of months out and if an International guest you are going to need to use a VPN to do it otherwise the system just sends you to the help page saying no free MB's anymore.

DisneyfanMA9 hours ago

I ordered it from the web browser at the below site: ( I did login with my Disney account first). I am NOT staying on property.

Armerius12 hours ago

Guys, 1 question. for international guest how long in advance i can order a magic band to get it in the hotel when i arrive?

Raxel785113 hours ago

I received an Email from Shop Disney today, and there’s quite a few more MB2 choices.

JaxFLBear15 hours ago

If you ordered through MDE for your upcoming resort stay, the will be linked to your account before they are mailed out.

DisneyfanMA15 hours ago

Just ordered 5 MB 2's for Nov trip. The MB+ does look like a lot of fun, but we had to cut *some* corners, and this was one. Hoping its easy to link the MB 2's to MDE and plan to give them out with T shirts and a Mickey Balloon when we reveal our trip to kids !

helenabear17 hours ago

Still bought one for the puck design. Such a sucker I am.....

CaptainAmerica18 hours ago

Wow that MSEP band is a real kick in the shorts.

jagiord122 hours ago

Does anyone have a photo of the "Thor" side of the Avenger's magicband? It seems Marvel now has 4 Magicbands: Black Panther, Iron Man, Groot, and the Avenger's one. On the Avenger's we have Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America and Antman confirmed. I reaaally hope Black Widow is on the Avengers one. The women of Marvel have always been treated as less than, and it's wild to me that we have 4 Marvel bands and not one featuring a woman. Especially when Wanda in particular has been known to move merchandise. Wanda's Mickey Ears have constantly sold out in less than a minute every single time they've been restocked on ShopDisney. If they're launching a frivolous product that nobody needs to purchase, why not try to capitalize on some of the characters with the biggest fan bases?

Disstevefan123 hours ago

Do we think the Electrical Light Parade MB will be a collector's item since it's a mistake? (Parade name is not correct) ;)

DCBaker23 hours ago

A few new Magicband+ styles available today on ShopDisney - ShopDisney also added some styles that were only available in the parks.

dreday31 day ago

I was thinking that! Maybe it's good that they don't send them until next year...then I'll try some negotiating if new ones are out. :cool:😂

JoeCamel1 day ago

Won't be out of stock but MB3 will be out by that time

dreday31 day ago

So I purchased 2 back on August 1. Just to update- still no charge on my credit card, pending fell off a while ago. I'm sure they aren't working on ours because our trip isn't for 8 months. No concerns, but I do wonder if the ones we chose will be out of stock by the time they are ready to send.