Walt Disney World ticket price increases begin tomorrow

Feb 23, 2014 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Saturday February 22, 2014 8:16pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World will be increasing ticket pricing from tomorrow, February 23 2014.

The full details will be released tomorrow, but expect a single day ticket to increase by $4, which puts the Magic Kingdom at $99, and Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom at $94.

This price increase was unexpected and has not carried the usually advance notice. The last update to pricing was in June 2013 when Disney placed a higher value on entry to the Magic Kingdom over the other three parks.

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Cesar R MJan 26, 2015

good point there!

matt9112Jan 26, 2015

you sir deserve a cookie for being economically educated. no sarcasm.

lentestaJan 26, 2015

It might be closer than you think for comparable-sized cities in Japan and the US. Hiroshima has roughly the population as my metropolitan area, and this site seems to indicate prices are slightly higher in the US. Not sure what things like taxes and healthcare would mean to that, but the tax rates look roughly comparable at a glance, and most healthcare is nationalized in Japan. Don't forget that Japan has undergone 20 years of either very low inflation or outright deflation, so prices haven't risen much (by definition) in a long time.

Cesar R MJan 26, 2015

which is interesting, considering living costs and prices in Japan are probably way above the US median.

MissMJan 26, 2015

LOL I was really confused why my almost-year-old topic had been resurfaced! :p

msteelJan 26, 2015

Thanks to whomever fixed the thread title to add the date so we know this is old.

ford91exploderJan 26, 2015

Frozen just like the US is crazy popular in Japan and there it also is popular more than with pre-teen girls, So OLC is building a attraction which is WORTHY of the movie, Not a Cheap and nasty Frostrom like we are getting in the US, The H--- of it is OLC's attraction will probably be open BEFORE WDW's cheap-n-nasty one.

janoimagineJan 26, 2015

Nothing at all, I don't recall saying it had anything to do with it.

Matt_BlackJan 26, 2015

What does Frozen have to do with Guest Service?

janoimagineJan 26, 2015

And both parks are lightyears ahead of what we have stateside ... from innovation, to attraction upkeep to guest satisfaction ... it's remarkable how much better the Customer Service is at those properties, the only thing that comes close to it locally is the Cruise Line and now the powers that be are forcing Frozen attractions in their as well.

Admiral01Jan 26, 2015

A 1 day 1 park ticket to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea is ¥6400, which equates to $54.20. Just sayin...

cw1982May 24, 2014

Exactly. So no need to try and be sneaky about raising prices.

matt9112May 24, 2014

they care less about us than one may think...rest assured they do read it though. see blue ocean theory.

cw1982May 20, 2014

In Disney's case, though, I'm not sure they are under any illusion of price hikes going unnoticed. I'm pretty positive that they know that sites like this one are almost certain to put out articles, brief as they may be, that announce the price hikes. For examples beyond the ticket prices, look at the recent increase in parking fees and the increase in drink prices. Both were discussed here thoroughly. People who don't follow this closely may not notice, but if they're not paying attention, that's their own fault. The information is out there. Are there companies out there who creep up their prices quietly, in hopes that people won't notice? Sure... but I'm not convinced that Disney is one of them.