Price increases for Walt Disney World multi-day theme park tickets - February 2022

Feb 17, 2022 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Thursday February 17, 2022 7:58pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World multi-day tickets have increased in price today, with base tickets, park hopper, and park hopper plus tickets all subject to a rise.

As an example of the price changes, the cheapest 5 day base ticket is now $484, an increase of just over $20 from $463. The 10 day ticket sees the largest price increase, from $553 to $582, a $29 rise. One and two day tickets across all types have not seen any price changes.

Date-based pricing means that each ticket type has a range of possible pricing, all summarized below (including tax). (Thanks to @Rteetz on the WDWMAGIC Forum for compiling the list.)

Walt Disney World Base Ticket Pricing February 2022

Receive admission to one theme park per day for each day of your ticket.

1-3 day remain unchanged
4 day was $434.83 - $596.74, now $447.70 - $596.74
5 day was $463.56 - $630.85, now $484.52 - $646.87
6 day was $477.79 - $645.91, now $496.43 - $672.25
7 day was $492.06 - $661.56, now $511.10 - $694.96
8 day was $518.17 - $678.83, now $545.19 - $716.20
9 day was $536.00 - $691.93, now $563.46 - $738.66
10 day was $553.69 - $703.65, now $582.09 - $752.40

Walt Disney World Park Hopper Pricing February 2022

Visit more than one park on the same day.

1-2 day remain unchanged
3 day was $415.77 - $555.88, now $416.37 - $555.88
4 day was $525.35 - $687.27, now $540.89 - $687.27
5 day was $554.09 - $721.38, now $572.47 - $739.92
6 day was $568.32 - $736.44, now $586.96 - $762.77
7 day was $582.59 - $752.08, now $601.63 - $785.48
8 day was $608.69 - $769.36, now $628.04 - $810.55
9 day was $626.53 - $782.46, now $649.96 - $827.00
10 day was $644.22 - $794.17, now $671.55 - $841.86

Walt Disney World Park Hopper Plus Pricing February 2022

Visit more than one park on the same day, plus enjoy a certain number of visits to a water park. A 1-day ticket allows one visit, a 3-day ticket allows 3 visits and a 4-day ticket allows 4 visits.

1-2 day remain unchanged
3 day was $437.07 - $577.18, now $437.67 - $577.18
4 day was $546.65 - $708.57, now $559.53 - $708.57
5 day was $575.39 - $742.68, now $593.53 - $761.22
6 day was $589.62 - $757.74, now $612.02 - $784.07
7 day was $603.89 - $773.38, now $622.98 - $806.78
8 day was $629.99 - $790.66, now $653.57 - $828.03
9 day was $647.83 - $803.76, now $678.94 - $844.66
10 day was $665.52 - $815.47, now $698.43 - $863.16

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gsansoneFeb 21, 2022

OUCH!!! This is just one of the many reasons I sold/rented my DVC points this year. Prices climb while many big attractions and alterations are still not done. Great timing.

PatchesleeFeb 21, 2022

Overall single days didn't, but many days did. That's what caused multiday tickets to increase. 21, 2022

Now that all the perks and freebies have been pretty much stripped out, hopefully we are near the end of that. Like others, I’m fine with increases as long as I see value. I totally see the reasoning behind systems like park reservations and have no issue with them but it doesn’t feel like it’s being used to actually cap capacity. I’m past the notion that it was all aiming towards reducing the crowds but we know that isn’t going to happen

PolynesianPrincessFeb 21, 2022

I thought according to the original post single day tickets did not increase?

PatchesleeFeb 21, 2022

Single day price increases for remainder of the year March-December, Thanksgiving week is topped out with Christmas prices

dryerlintfanFeb 21, 2022

"WDW Ticket Price Increase" should just be a sticky at this point 🙄

SourcererMark79Feb 21, 2022

The summer months have not been as crowded as they were 5-10 years ago. This is also one of the reasons why DVC points charts have undergone numerous reclassifications. While only a small number of overall guests are DVC, many (like me) want to get the most nights out of our points, and these changes have really squeezed the desirable weeks into higher point per night categories.

PatchesleeFeb 21, 2022

Majority of June through August prices stayed the same, worst of the increases come in November. Would it be correct to assume they aren’t seeing summer bookings as high as they want and November has high demand already?

HauntedPirateFeb 21, 2022

Yep. I have a spreadsheet 😀Although $lappie made it really difficult to make apples to apples comparisons for 1-day tickets with the change to demand-based pricing. But AP’s and hoppers, it’s much easier to see their pricing trends. (Hint: Up faster than inflation, even the government-manipulated inflation numbers)

AylaFeb 20, 2022

I'm ok with a price increase if it brings increased value. Up to this point, Disney has raised prices and continued to take things away (ME, magicbands, fastpass, entertainment, resort parking, benefits to staying on site, more restrictive park hopping, etc etc etc). What it fundamentally boils down to is, for me, I no longer feel like I am getting any value from vacationing at WDW.

AylaFeb 20, 2022

I paid $850ish for a Platinum AP in 2008. No idea what the cost is now.

epcotWSCFeb 20, 2022

We have DVC so we're pretty much on the hook to go every year (or more or less depending on banking and such), but as time goes on we go to the parks less, go to restaurants less, etc. We used to go 5 days at the parks, then it became 4, now in our upcoming trip it will be 3. If Disney keeps charging more for less I'll keep my spending to a minimum whenever I use my timeshare. I may even start taking trips up to Universal to spend more days as my kids get older. I'm sure there are many other regulars like myself who will see Disney's continuous price increases and not feel that it's worth it. These execs think they're so smart, but their hyper focus on short term gains will eventually harm the brand... With the way Disney is going it'll be sooner rather than later.

John park hopperFeb 20, 2022

The reality is energy costs have sky rocketed since Jan 2022 (by design) and energy is used in every aspect of the economy adding costs to everything while wages remain stagnate.

PolynesianPrincessFeb 20, 2022

The prices will never go down. Disney could take away every single perk offered and they would still charge the same.