Walt Disney World Annual Pass price changes effective today

Oct 16, 2018 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Tuesday October 16, 2018 7:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Along with the introduction of date-based tickets and pricing, Walt Disney World annual passes have been updated.

  • The Disney Platinum Plus Pass is now $994, up from $949. (Before any discounts for Florida Residents)
  • The Disney Platinum Pass is now $894 up from $849. (Before any discounts for Florida Residents)
  • The Gold Pass is now $609, up from $589.
  • The Silver Pass is now $479, up from $439.

You can see full pricing at the official Disney World annual pass page.

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BpmorleyNov 04, 2018

I'm done. I'll be doing nothing but renting out my DVC points. Possibly see them off. This is a disgrace.

matt9112Oct 25, 2018

there just shaped mickey heads....that you freeze no lights.

larryzOct 25, 2018

Did the batteries still work?

matt9112Oct 24, 2018

i got those cubes at the character warehouse for like 99 cents.

matt9112Oct 24, 2018

its 2018 i can claim to be a victim of anything i want. so disney pricing it is. in all reality they are a luxury item but one most people could swing once in a life time not sure its that easy anymore.

larryzOct 24, 2018

That's just what they want you to think. Who's to say that before they let you renew, they don't run your access history and see how much they made (lost) on you in the previous 12 months?

imsosarahOct 24, 2018

I think this is simply referring to the old passes (silver, select) no longer even being an option. You have to renew with one of the new pass options.

TJ VazquezOct 22, 2018

This is the comparison I like to make. Some people pay $500 bucks for a pair of tickets to see a way past their prime band/artist, so $120 bucks for 12 hours worth of entertainment doesn't seem too out of line. Still, it's expensive and you are paying a premium on the experience Disney brings.

Clopin TrouillefouOct 22, 2018

I totally agree with this. I'm single with no kids so I grant that it's different for me, but a peanut-gallery ticket to Mumford & Sons just ran me over $100. That's for a 2-3 hour concert as opposed to 10 hours in a theme park.

LSLSOct 20, 2018

Funnyenough, that is what got us on our first cruise. We haven't been back to the parks since. The disney cruises are outstanding.

larryzOct 20, 2018

Can't blame you. Oh, and interesting user name.

BrianLoOct 19, 2018

I'm going to make an argument that a lot of people will not like. It's not what I feel should happen, it's what I feel will happen based on other entertainment ventures. WDW is still under-priced compared to other "Premium Priced" entertainment products. Until the parks start to hit the cost levels of concerts, Broadway shows and big events, it's not going to stop. Now for the argument for where the precedent is for them to easily drive prices up another 50% or so... I'm still looking towards the ski industry. I feel they are the benchmark that WDW will head towards. It's the best comparison I can think of for a similar industry that prices themselves towards a premium product: running a similar structure with expensive one day walk ups, multi-day ticketing, AP's and the gamut of very expensive slope side accommodations. The Epic pass sort of revitalized the AP cost threshold for skiing, most local hills would (and still do) charge well over 1000$ for their own adult lift annual passes. One-day walk up prices to places like Vail and Aspen are now around 160 USD or more. The Epic Pass, while drastically cutting the cost threshold, still costs 899 for the full product and only works for half the year. You really cannot get a deal on the magnitude of the Magic Your Way ticket pricing in the ski industry. Discounts tend to top out around 30%-40% total despite slapping on as many days as possible. None of these extra days for a few dollars business. Food is probably similarly priced, but totally depends on location. So based on all of that, WDW is still a much cheaper product. Unfortunately Skiing was a little worse and has had some reprieve by offering products that have actually made it a little cheaper, but they are still ahead of WDW. WDW faces the unfortunate uphill climb to catch up. All of which is to say I see no real reason the costs will continue to accelerate towards that 150-175$ one day walk-up threshold and the top AP should easily start to hit 1300-1500$ before they've overdone what another industry is already doing. Heck, Anaheim already charges 150$ more for the top tier.

LensmanOct 19, 2018

It was unbelievable and until I saw the bill I would have said it wasn't possible! It also made me question whether allowing direct-to-room charges is prudent for us, no matter how convenient. The other thing that defies belief is that the purchases weren't individually crazy. No jewelry or any individual item over $100. But if you buy enough cute blouses, jackets, and hooded sweatshirts, it adds up. It might also help to understand that some cultures and individuals have the tradition of buying gifts for friends, relatives, and co-workers when you go on vacation, to give to them upon your return. In Japan, this is called omiyage. My wife isn't from Japan, but apparently, she'd fit right in! Though I wonder if they also have closets full of clothes that they never wear? There was other stuff too. I can't entirely blame her. I've been known to purchase some frivolous things on vacation. She says I'm a big collector of Disney ice cube trays. I think she's exaggerating. I also want to know where my reusable Mickey ice cubes are!

RustySporkOct 19, 2018

Rarely ever! :joyfull::joyfull: Also, WOWZERS! :joyfull::joyfull: Jewelry? Christmas gifts? Now I'm really curious!