Park-specific pricing will join date-based pricing for single-day Disney World park tickets

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Posted: Tuesday November 15, 2022 9:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will soon introduce park-specific pricing alongside the existing date-based pricing for single-day single-park tickets at Walt Disney World. (via @ScottGustin)

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be the cheapest park to visit, followed by EPCOT, with Magic Kingdom priced the highest at $189. The existing pricing model varies by date, but all parks are priced equally.

"Magic Kingdom Park will be priced at or above our other theme parks due to the incredible demand as it remains the most-visited theme park in the world," Disney said in a statement.

The new pricing model comes into effect on December 8 2022 and is as follows:

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom $109 - $159
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios $124 - $179
  • EPCOT $114 - $179
  • Magic Kingdom $124 - $189

Along with the pricing model change, Disney will also automatically assign a Park Pass reservation at the time of a single-day, single-park ticket purchase, replacing the current manual system that relies on the guest making a reservation after purchasing the ticket.

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Vacationeer17 days ago

I’d like to see hour based pricing as well. MK ticket 8a-6p should cost considerably less than 9a-11p.

MrPromey17 days ago

The link also lists the size. ;) I knew it's been less for years now but since ice cream is not a common staple in my freezer, I haven't been paying a ton of attention over the years so I wonder, did they drop it that much all at once and it's been that way or has it gradually shrunk to current size. Google could probably help me with that answer but I'm too lazy so I'll probably have to live with the mystery. 😞

GimpYancIent17 days ago

or go somewhere else.

drizgirl17 days ago

Christine McCarthy probably had something to do with it. She says your waistline will thank you.

Ayla18 days ago

For those that can't see the size on the container, it's 1.5 quarts. I have a Breyers container in our freezer and checked the size. πŸ˜‚

MrPromey18 days ago

Correct and it's not: Same shape. Different Size. I'll let you figure out how many quarts are in a half gallon to determine how much less you're getting these days. _

UNCgolf18 days ago

That's why I was suggesting they could eliminate the park hopper option on one day tickets and then the hopping restriction wouldn't be an issue -- I'm assuming those one day tickets are the only ones with variable pricing, unless they're completely overhauling everything about package vacations (which is possible).

EPCOT-O.G.18 days ago

They do, and have said the park hoppers will have variable prices as well. If I wasn't clear, with the variable pricing for parks, it makes no sense to not keep the 2pm restriction. Otherwise, you'd incentivize a bunch of people to pay to go to the cheaper park and immediately park hop (to save a bunch per ticket in doing so)

Chi8418 days ago

I'm going back, but telling my friends and family to go other places.

Br0ckford18 days ago

Don't give paycheck any ideas

TheMaxRebo18 days ago

Oh absolutely - people can have a good time. The issue (at least for me) is when people like Chapek present the Park Reservations as a reason why the guest experience is improved, excellent vs an excellent time in spite of it

SteveAZee18 days ago

Then they will sell a park hopper to hop into the same park you're currently in.

hsisthebest18 days ago

At this point, there should be sociology majors studying the behaviors of people who would pay these prices for such a crowded and hot vacation. We went to DL this past summer- it was so much more laid back and the crowds started and finished small every day. I'm planning on a trip to DL Paris in 2024- I can fly my family of 6 there and back, spend 2 days in each park, and spend a week touring France for the same or less than a trip to WDW. I haven't been to Orlando since 2018 and don't see that changing any time soon.

brettf2218 days ago

They already do this. They are just euphemistically called β€œparties” and β€œafter hours events.” πŸ˜‰