Walt Disney World ticket price increases to go into effect February 12

Feb 11, 2017 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Saturday February 11, 2017 2:06pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will introduce new ticket pricing for its Walt Disney World theme parks on Sunday February 12 2017.

At the Magic Kingdom, a one day visit will increase during the value period from $97 to $99, the regular period to $115 from $100, and the peak period remaining at $124.

At the other theme parks, the regular period will rise $5 to $107, and peak period up to $119 from $114.

Annual Passes will also see an increase, with Florida Resident Gold Passes costing $559, a $10 increase. Platinum Passes, which have no blackout dates, will rise $30 to $679.

Other changes will include a Park Hopper Plus add-on to base Magic Your Way tickets, which includes the ability to visit two or more of the parks on the same day, and a certain number of visits to the water parks and mini golf courses. This new option replaces the Water Park Fun & More which is being discontinued.

All new tickets will have an expiration date, although expired tickets may be exchanged for a credit towards a purchase of a new ticket of equal or greater value.

Premium Parking, which has recently been introduced at all of the parks, will rise from $35 to $40.

Disney will begin offering a $20 discount for purchasing a 3 to 10 Day magic Your Way ticket online.

Check back tomorrow for the full run-down on the new pricing.

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matt9112Apr 23, 2017

What I would do for the 1993 price.

matt9112Apr 23, 2017

Clearly they are trying to prevent you from park hopping back to MK...its no secret that's where everyone goes back too. I look at it as crowd control.

matt9112Apr 23, 2017

My renewal thing mentioned it still so maybe?

ford91exploderApr 23, 2017

Well from @WDW1974 we know the value/moderate/deluxe concept is going away in the next couple of years already with pricing based on park proximity We also know that Disney plans to monetize FP from the recent annoucement that they will be selling mobile FP at DL. FP I think will in some limited sense remain 'free' for onsite guests only. I can imagine two classes of FP one free and chargeable 'premium' FP for things like re-rides and 'preferred' times. For offsite guests i think FP will be chargeable so as to drive the guests to WDW lodging/AP. Just my thoughts on where Disney is going based on current actions

HauntedMansionFLAApr 23, 2017

I believe there will be a lot of changes regarding pricing in the next few years. When do you think fast passes will be for on site guest only but for an extra cost, value resorts go away (price wise)???? @ford91exploder

ford91exploderApr 23, 2017

Only a matter of time i think

OliveMcFlyFeb 21, 2017

I just had clients purchase tickets today and it still states "14 days from first use" but it also says "the first day of use must be on or before December 31, 2018". It still gives a good amount of time to use the ticket. They were concerned it may be 6 months or a year.

I am TimmyFeb 18, 2017

Oh, thanks, that's good to know! I was wondering how that effects a package.

RustySporkFeb 16, 2017

They laid off the person who used to update the prices on the website, and are scrambling to reverse engineer the code to figure out what table to update.

Tom P.Feb 16, 2017

Back on the subject of the specific ticket changes for just a moment... The price increases and other changes were announced as beginning Sunday. As of today -- Thursday -- if you go to book a package on the Disney web site (i.e. hotel + tickets + dining and so forth), you are still being offered the old options. For example, I can pick a Magic Your Way base ticket and add just the Water Park Fun and More option without adding Park Hopper. Also, the cost of Water Park Fun and More is still at the old pricing, not the new Park Hopper Plus pricing. I haven't tried actually booking a package, but there is every indication that I would be able to. I know that Disney's IT sometimes has problems -- to put it mildly. Still, having all the old options still available 4 days after the change was implemented seems unusual to me. Are packages supposed to be treated differently than buying stand-alone tickets? Or is this really that big of an oversight?

DisneyJoeFeb 16, 2017

Precisely, tied into a promotional MYW offer tied to a Disney resort stay.

LongLiveTheKingFeb 16, 2017

Some ticket and below Signature ap prices did a bit, yeah. Not much but all of the price increases are very small increments and it's over time that the discrepency becomes large. Parking went down $2 although that doesn't mean much.

SorcererMCFeb 16, 2017

Sort of. By offering discounts to onsite guests - possibly. The problem with these dramatic price increases, which I see as the result of the tourist boom/ record attendance, is that they won't get rolled back. So I suspect that in the event of rapidly declining attendance, they would just offer targeted discounts. ETA: Also -the $20 off for online purchase is a hedge against any attendance they might lose from the ticket price increases, a kind of targeted discount in itself.

HauntedMansionFLAFeb 16, 2017

Do you think Disney will ever get to the point of changing different, higher prices for tickets and so on if you stay off site. The magic bands could make it possible.