New limited time 'Get Your Ears On' ticket available for Florida Residents this summer

Jun 04, 2019 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Tuesday June 4, 2019 2:37pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is now selling a new limited time Florida Resident ticket. The 'Get Your Ears On' ticket provides 3 and 4 day options for as low as $55 per day (plus tax) for the 4-day ticket (total price $219 plus tax.)

3-Day Get Your Ears On Ticket
$199 (plus tax) – Less than $67 per day (plus tax)

4-Day Get Your Ears On Ticket
$219 (plus tax) – Less than $55 per day (plus tax)

The Get Your Ears On Ticket is available now through August 25 2019, and can be used any three or four days, depending on ticket purchased, through August 28 2019 with no blockout dates.

For more information or to purchase the summer ticket, visit You can also purchase the ticket through the Disney Reservation Center or authorized travel professionals and ticket sellers.

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LightsterJun 07, 2019

It’s too hot to be in the parks right now anyways. I have a Gold pass, mainly for the PhotoPass, and the rest of my family has silver passes. None of us have any interest in going to the parks in this heat.

rocketraccoonJun 06, 2019

Anecdotal but can confirm this, lots of people around here (around an hour away from the parks) buy up these deals a lot as their big thing for the summer. If it's like some previous deals I believe tickets are sold in Publix and other stores as well.

JohnDJun 06, 2019

But this would be an annual cost as opposed to deciding whether to go on a trip over the summer. For me, I’m happy staying at Silver. Too many crowds during Spring, Summer, and Christmas blockouts anyway. And just way too hot over summer.

GhostHost1000Jun 05, 2019

this may tell us crowds are expected smaller this summer... not sure it's all due to SWGE either

wdwmagicJun 05, 2019

I think there is a large number that do not go to the parks that often to have an AP, and these types of deals are quite popular.

CalebSJun 05, 2019

I would agree that it seems that way, but when I went at the beginning of May it was SO crowded compared to what it was during that time the last few years I went.

GillyanneJun 05, 2019

Based on my "sheet" (pricing out to decide which pass to get who) upgrading from Silver to Gold (thus getting summer opened up) is only a $140 increase, so upgrading from silver to gold would still be cheaper (and you'd get photo pass thrown in) However some of the lower passes this could be a little cheaper instead of upgrading. My plan was to get my niece a weekday select (to match up with me) this fall, but if she hangs out with Grandma this summer (who has a regular Non FL AP, so good all year) there was a $310 difference to upgrade the little to gold to wipe out those summer blackout dates. Plus, If we upgraded she'd be on a different schedule (which means more renewals (we usually do an on one off one) or missing other trips next year), So getting her one of these passes could save us a little dough, plus not let her get so spoiled in limiting her days ;)

MisterPenguinJun 04, 2019

There's also a lottery: First place prize is two days of Get Your Ears On celebration at the MK. Second place prize is four days.

JohnDJun 04, 2019

What it doesn't tell you is that the FR Discover Disney ticket is still available for purchase through June 27 to be used through June 30. The 3 day base ticket is $175. DO NOT purchase the Get Your Ears On Ticket (3 Day base is $199) unless you plan on going July 1 or later. You're throwing your money away if you purchase the Get Your Ears On Ticket to be used in June. Get the Discover Disney ticket instead.

JohnDJun 04, 2019

Don't forget. There is also the Summer One World ticket (all four theme parks and both water parks) for $444. I have an AP, but it's Silver, and am blocked out over Summer.

jpedenJun 04, 2019

$259 for a four day park hopper is a great deal. But I would think the audience for this would be extremely limited so I'm not sure how it's going to help drive attendance.

monothingieJun 04, 2019

Florida Residents only? Really? Don’t most have APs?

JohnDJun 04, 2019

Seems like more evidence people are holding out for SW:GE.