'Give a Day, Get a Disney Day' - 115,527 cans of food make their way around Epcot along with the Muppets and the Honorary Voluntears Cavalcade

Feb 11, 2010 in "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day"

As part of the event celebrating family volunteers, Disney today unveiled a world recod breaking sculpture consisting entirely of 115,527 food cans. Later in the day, the scultpure was packed into boxes, and all 115,527 cans were loaded into trucks and driven around World Showcase at Epcot, before being shipped off to food banks in Orlando, Miami and Atlanta.

The cans represent approximately 70,000 meals, according to Dave Krepcho, president/CEO of Second Harvest of Central Florida. “Each can makes a difference in someone’s life who cannot afford this food,” he said. “Much of this food goes to children in need, working moms trying to provide, senior citizens coping on fixed incomes and people whose disabilities keep them from working.”

Photos by WDWMAGIC.
Article Posted: Feb 11, 2010 / 6:42pm EST