PHOTO - Permits filed for Walgreens at Flamingo Crossing

Oct 22, 2019 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Walgreens permit for Flamingo Crossings
Posted: Tuesday October 22, 2019 12:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walgreens may be the first retail store to open at Flamingo Crossing, with permits for the drug store now filed with authorities.

The 12,500 sq. ft drug store is located on the corner of Flamingo Crossing and Western Way at the main intersection. (Thanks to danlb_2000 for spotting the latest permit)

Located just off State Road 429 and near to the Western Way entrance to Walt Disney World, Disney rebooted its 10 year old Flamingo Crossing development last year, with an announcement of new plans to bring 29 retail and restaurant buildings across 45 acres, to be developed in three phases.

So far we know that a Target store will join the development, along with a Speedway gas station.

Five additional value hotels will ultimately be built, including other Marriott and Hilton properties. The first two hotels by Marriott at Flamingo Crossing opened in 2016, and are the only businesses currently operating in Flamingo Crossing.

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maxairmike21 days ago

Hartzog south of Western Way is being completely rerouted and the existing “Hartzog Rd” south of the new CP housing already has a new name. They just finished some initial paving on the new Hartzog Rd and where the new turn lanes are a little north of the original Hartzog intersection with Avalon is where it will come out when completed.

castlecake2.021 days ago

It was also very common for CRPs to buy cars and sell them to another CRP at the end of their program, along with a lot of Canadians driving down for their program.

Hakunamatata21 days ago

Ah. That makes sense.

lazyboy97o21 days ago

Parking lot size is set by zoning codes based on building type. They have to have at least 1 spot per unit, with that increasing based on the number of bedrooms in a unit plus visitor parking.

Hakunamatata21 days ago

They have a very very large parking lot for individuals not having cars.

Hakunamatata23 days ago

I believe that is where the Toll Brothers community is going to be. We were interested in it for a frw seconds until we saw the pricing structure and is why we are building in north Claremont.

mergatroid23 days ago

Looks quite nice.

DisneyDreamerxyz23 days ago

They are building a housing community back there along Hartzhog, but they have to do all the infrustructure first.

DznyGrlSD23 days ago

Thanks for the report. I drive by here all the time but never think to take photos. Do you know why/what/where Hartzhog is under construction? I like to take that shortcut from Avalon but the "road closed" signs have been up for months now.

DznyGrlSD23 days ago

planet Orlando.

WDWtraveler23 days ago

Photo update as of Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Some additional photos from Flamingo Crossing Retail Center. The vehicle barricades have been removed from the four approaches to the retail center of Flamingo Crossing. You are able to drive through the complex. The buildings are closed but completed on the outside. Some buildings have fences around the entrances, but you can still walk the sidewalks. The Starbucks below is on the north side of Western Way, facing south. Firehouse Subs (not open yet) is a block south of Western Way and facing north. The bushes in the median of Western Way are in the foreground. The elevated pedestrian walkway (orange) over Hartzog Road can be seen on the left of the below photo. The elevated pedestrian walkway is of the same construction as those at Disney Springs, just a different color. This view is over Hartzog Road northbound. This walkway is between Western Way and Disney's cast member apartments. These two towers for another elevated walkway are over Western Way, as viewed from the Starbucks parking lot. The towers contain stairways and an elevator.

castlecake2.029 days ago

Im really glad this is being built, will be much safer for everyone involved!

Master Yoda29 days ago

It is pretty much the wild west here in Florida. The house next to mine is a corporately owned rental and they raise the rent $200-$300 a month every year. My house is the same size on a lakefront lot and my mortgage including insurance and property taxes is about $500/month less than what they are currently charging for rent.

Chip Chipperson29 days ago

Damn! In NJ there are laws to protect renters. Increases must be reasonable, and I can assure you that would not be considered reasonable unless someone was renting something that was in the range of $10k/month or more.