Disney planning a new Western Beltway Property

Nov 07, 2006 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Disney are rumored to be planning a new tourist and retail development near to the newly constructed Western Way junction with the Western Beltway. The focus of the development is set to be "value" based, and includes shopping, dining, and accommodation. Whilst not yet named, the project is currently labelled as the "Western Beltway Property".


270,000 sq ft retail town centre, expanding up to 400,000 sq ft at build-out
Retail outlets
Grocery store
Casual sit-down dining
Fast food locations
Gas stores
Convenience stores
Gift stores
3100 value hotel rooms
1300 time share units
Bus transportation stops
The project is currently divided into 5 phases, with the initial phase to include the hotel and retail town centre. Something that sets this apart from other developments, is the inclusion of elements such as a town centre, featuring a park, fountains and foot paths. The development is planned to be landscaped, and walker-friendly.

There is currently no timeline available, or confirmation that the project will go ahead. It is however in a detailed planning phase.

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