Permits filed for Flamingo Crossings Housing project

Oct 01, 2018 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Plans have been filed with the South Florida Water Management District for a new housing project at Flamingo Crossings.

Located just off State Road 429 and near to the Western Way entrance to Walt Disney World, the plans call for 1323 multi-family apartments on a 60 acre site. (Thanks to danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permit)

Likely tenants for the new apartments are students of Disney's College and International Program, which makes up a significant amount of Walt Disney World's workforce.

Almost 5 acres of the site are for commercial development, and the development will include associated sports/recreational courts, community and education centers, swimming pool, and paved driveways, bus/ride share pick-up areas and surface parking lots.

Disney rebooted its 10 year old Flamingo Crossing development last year, with an announcement of new plans to bring 29 retail and restaurant buildings across 45 acres, to be developed in three phases.

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Article Posted: Oct 01, 2018 / 1:51pm ET
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the.dreamfinder29 days ago

Or, more importantly, what diseases?

larryz29 days ago

Doesn't that depend on who's in them?

SirwalterraleighJan 05, 2021

They are “on hold”...they’re still waiting for the test results after the “incident” at Vista Way 1998

castlecake2.0Jan 05, 2021

But are there hot tubs?

LilofanJan 05, 2021

The set up is awesome

Giss NericJan 05, 2021

Wow, this actually looks like a great place to live in. The future DCP castmembers are so lucky they have this plus a commercial center and a Target right beside it.

SirwalterraleighDec 23, 2020

I imagine that many....very BIGLY many...of that sea of apartments is in arrears on rent under the federal covid umbrellas... That’s gonna get ugly sooner or later.

maxairmikeDec 23, 2020

Well, I wish them good luck with their "1 month free!" promos that literally every single complex's website I've looked at has going on. The unit next to me sat vacant for about 3 months, which is the longest any unit in my corner has been vacant for the time I've been in this complex. It seems the big real estate/development companies are content to eat extended vacancies instead of dropping actual rates.

SirwalterraleighDec 23, 2020

Those local prices are based on the 2015-2019 “we’re all gonna be rich!” Climate in Orlando. ...that world isn’t there now

maxairmikeDec 23, 2020

I will say that it is likely American Campus Communities setting these prices with relatively little guidance from Disney as to price, or at least that would be my guess. They both probably just want this filled enough to not be a complete loss and just sitting entirely vacant until the Programs start up again. The prices do seem a little high IMO (especially for the 2 bedroom), but given the rent for other new complexes around here, I can't say I'm entirely surprised, since they are trying to rent to more "regular" people at the moment.

SirwalterraleighDec 22, 2020

The current Disney management believes that there is unlimited amounts of money and they can set their prices Before some wisealvin says “wasn’t it always that way??”

FuturePort83Dec 22, 2020

Yeah, that is an absurdly high price.

SirwalterraleighDec 22, 2020

I think I see where you’re coming from... Do you work for Disney?

-emDec 22, 2020

Considering internet/utilities etc are included it’s not awful priced.