PHOTOS - A look at the NextGen RFID FASTPASS readers

May 01, 2012 in "FASTPASS"

We reported yesterday that Disney has begun testing the next generation of FASTPASS today with a select number of guests in the Magic Kingdom.  Each FASTPASS attraction is now equipped with a new RFID sensor to read the FASTASS encoded card that is issued to each guest using the system.  

The readers are attractively styled with a Mickey head, similar to that used for the Epcot RFID entry system test last year.  Gone are the paper tickets and the manual process of the cast member having to read the ticket, the new reader can check the validity of the scanned FASTPASS ticket instantly.  During this test, Cast Members are stationed around the attractions with iPads, allowing them to display or edit a FASTPASS itinerary in the event of the guest not having email access.  

Check out the photos below for a look, and read more about the test here.
Article Posted: May 01, 2012 / 4:41pm EDT