Early Theme Park Entry at Walt Disney World begins October 1 and Extended Evening Hours coming for Deluxe Resort hotel guests

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Posted: Wednesday June 30, 2021 4:39pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will begin rolling out a new early theme park entry benefit for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests and guests of other select hotels each day at each park beginning October 1 2021.

In addition, with the kickoff of the 50th anniversary, guests staying at one of the Disney Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resort hotels will also be able to enjoy extended evening hours on select nights in select theme parks. Extended evening hours will begin in early October with specific dates and parks to be shared at a later time.

Note that guests will need a valid ticket or pass and a theme park reservation for the same park on the same day to experience both the Early Theme Park Entry and the extended evening hours. Or, guests may visit with a ticket or Annual Pass with the Park Hopper option as long as they entered their first park where they made their reservation earlier in the day.

The new early morning offering and extended evening hours replace the popular Extra Magic Hours at Walt Disney World. At its peak, Extra Magic Hours offered 3 hours of extended operating hours in the evening after regular park close, and an hour in the morning before park opening. However, the option was restricted to a specific theme park on a specific day. Extra Magic Hours were suspended along with the COVID-19 shutdown, and did not resume when the parks reopened in July 2020.

In addition to the new morning and evening extended hours, during the 50th celebration, favorite Disney pals like Goofy and Pluto, will be dressed in their EARidescent best and dropping by to visit with guests at Disney Resort hotels.

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pdude813 hours ago

Oh ok, then I misunderstood.

Goodeone3 hours ago

I believe he's referring to what parks will have the benefit on what days. I'm staying at the Dolphin myself from Oct.8th-11th and am very interested in finding this out ASAP myself. It would definitely help us to make some park reservation decisions.

pdude814 hours ago

It's been posted in articles and press releases related to Swan/Dolphin and SoG getting the extra hours, so I take that as somewhat official without any explicit denial by the mouse.

NoChesterHester4 hours ago

They have to announce dates prior to launch one would believe…

pdude814 hours ago

I think this is all expected to launch around 10/1

NoChesterHester4 hours ago

Any rumors from agents or cast when they will actually release the dates for the Extended hours?

SteveAZee11 hours ago

(Googles quinceañera)

MisterPenguin15 hours ago

There goes my hopes for a belated quinceañera party at the Fantasia Golf Course party pavilion!!

pdude8115 hours ago

Ok, thanks. I had thought they were going to move one of the holes and not just demo the accessory structures.

Notes from Neverland15 hours ago

The mini golf courses were not changed. There were two event pavilions past the mini golf courses that were demolished, but the actual courses themselves weren't touched.

UNCgolf15 hours ago

I don't think so -- I'm pretty sure the two Fantasia Gardens courses are still there the same as before.

pdude8115 hours ago

They had to chop up part of the mini golf course though too I thought. I get what you're saying about it acting as an extension of the Swan though. I just don't love the continual watering down of whatever you'd consider Deluxe amenities to be. Then again, I have heard they considered a new Polynesian tower on the other side of the parking lot and that would have counted too.

JAB16 hours ago

The way I understand the lease, Tishman isn't allowed to build any more resorts on the property. However, the land that Swan Reserve is built on was previously the tennis courts for the Swan, so that land is likely considered part of the Swan property as far as the contract goes. It was originally going to be called "The Cove at the Walt Disney World Swan" and ended up being "Swan Reserve" because in order to not violate the terms of their lease, it has to be considered an extension of the Swan. As such, it will very likely get whatever benefits the Swan gets.

dreday31 day ago

I know, but I thought I'd ask anyways (was speaking with guest services about something else). They were very pleasant about it and agreed Gran Destino seems like a deluxe, but no. 😂