D23 Parks and Resorts presentation - no new announcements for Walt Disney World

Aug 19, 2011 in "Disney Parks live announcements"

Today's D23 presenation is now complete with no new additions announced for Walt Disney World.  You can see it how it unfolded below, and join in the discussion here.

6:30pm EDT - Scheduled start time
6:32pm EDT - Still not started - running a little late
6:32pm EDT - 10 minute delay announced
6:35pm EDT - New start time of 6:40pm EDT
6:41pm EDT - Presentation now beginning
6:45pm EDT - This is a long 10 minutes. Still waiting to start
6:49pm EDT - We are underway!
6:51pm EDT - Parks video montage now playing
6:52pm EDT - Mickey Mouse on stage!
6:53pm EDT - Mickey Mouse is rocking the drums on stage
6:55pm EDT - Articulating head Mickey now introducing Tom Staggs
6:55pm EDT - Mickey having live onstage conversation with Tom Staggs
6:57pm EDT - Mickey now leaving the stage and Tom is addressing the audience
6:58pm EDT - Tom is talking about the various projects underway around the world
7:04pm EDT - Tom now talking about Fantasyland
7:05pm EDT - Bruce Vaughn from WDI now on stage
7:06pm EDT - Bruce is talking about the creative process that goes into a project like Fantasyland
7:07pm EDT - Video of Fantasyland digital model
7:09pm EDT - "Taking meet and greets to a whole new level"
7:09pm EDT - Lumiere coming to life in the Beauty and the Beast area
7:11pm EDT - Snow White Coaster - "our best family coaster"
7:14pm EDT - Now showing a partial CGI ride through of the Snow White coaster
7:15pm EDT - Bruce Vaughn now leaving the stage
7:16pm EDT - Tom Staggs now talking Hawaii DVC
7:26pm EDT - Videos including Seven Dwarfs ride through now here
7:35pm EDT - Shanghai Disneyland castle will have a ride passing through the castle as a finale
7:38pm EDT - Take a detailed look at Shanghai DL castle
7:40pm EDT - Now talking DCA expansion and Cars Land with Kathy Magnum
7:51pm EDT - Disneyland Resort President now on stage talking about the changes at Disneyland
7:55pm EDT - Personalized experiences at Disneyland announced with Fantasy Faire
7:57pm EDT - Presentation now over - no new announcements for additions to WDW
Article Posted: Aug 19, 2011 / 7:59pm EDT