Disney Cruise Line announces Summer 2022 itineraries

Mar 18, 2021 in "Disney Magic"

Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Cruise Line has today announced its summer 2022 itineraries including new ports in Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and Dominica, plus first-ever summer sailings from Miami to the Bahamas.

“While we prepare for a return to sea just as soon as the time is right, we continue to look to the future and develop more cruising options for families,” said Thomas Mazloum, president of Disney Cruise Line. “Offering this diverse new line-up of itineraries for the summer of 2022 shows our commitment to taking more guests to more destinations around the world as we plan for additional ships in the years ahead.”

Booking windows open for the following groups:

  • Platinum Castaway Club Members & Golden Oak: Bookings open March 22, 2021
  • Gold Castaway Club Members: Bookings open March 23, 2021
  • Silver Castaway Club Members, Disney Vacation Club Members and Adventures by Disney Adventure Insiders: Bookings open March 24, 2021
  • Bookings open to all Guests on March 25, 2021.

Full details of the new itineraries can be found at the Disney Cruise Line website.

The Disney Wish booking dates & itineraries will be released at a later date, but remains on schedule to sail its maiden voyage in 2022.

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As the cruise industry continues to be unable to operate due to COVID-19, Disney Cruise Line has cancelled all sailings departing through May 2021, and its Disney Magic international sailings are cancelled through August 10 2021.

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jmeMar 25, 2021

Booked the 9/26 Double Dip a few days ago... hoping I'll make up for some lost time on Castaway Cay

SplashZanderMar 25, 2021

The price difference usually isn't that extreme on the dream class ships, but the Magic class ships have a lot more inside statements proportionally, so they're generally substantially cheaper than their verandah counterparts, which is a shame because sitting on your verandah while sailing into European ports is an amazing experience.

MansionButler84Mar 24, 2021

I actually considered booking an interior (the magical portholes are cool) for this cruise but then they dangled that extra 10% off in front of me and I was like, “you only live once!”

DCLcruiserMar 24, 2021

Well, say goodbye to ever cruising w/o a verandah. It's addictive. On a Bahamas cruise we had an inside room and our neighbor flooded us, so we got upgraded to a verandah. We've never looked back haha.

MotherofaPrincessLoverMar 24, 2021

Finally booked!!! Trying out a verandah for the first time and from pictures I'm finding online the verandah is HUGE in this room. Hope my son doesn't jump off the ship!

MansionButler84Mar 24, 2021

Got the 4th of July weekend cruise I wanted AND they extended my placeholder purchased in May 2019 all the way to June 2022! Pleased as punch! 2 1/2 hours on hold is much better with Disney music.

MansionButler84Mar 22, 2021

Want to get that 4th of July weekend Dream itinerary but have to wait til Wednesday morning. Pricing seems reasonable. Prices noticeably lower with the move to Miami. I can only imagine what they’ll want for Wish (and my 125% FCC doesn’t count toward Wish, so Disney made the decision for me!).

DCBakerMar 22, 2021


SplashZanderMar 21, 2021

Exactly. A lot of places do this. All that matters in a buffet is that food is free-flowing and immedietly accessible, not that you have to scoop food from a platter to your plate.

MisterPenguinMar 21, 2021

Except for the soft serve ice cream machine and soft drink dispensers, I can't remember the last time I served myself on a cruise. There were always staff on the other side of the buffet that would fill your plate.

jaklgreenMar 21, 2021

Or it will still be a buffet but they serve you instead. So basically cafeteria style. I am OK with that. People are disgusting, not to mention the amount of parents who let their little kids grab the food when they don't understand how to properly handle the utensils. I am all for letting kids learn how to do things themselves, but a buffet on a cruise ship should not be one of those places.

DCLcruiserMar 21, 2021

Upsetting, but probably true: Cabanas will be QS or table service. Buffets are done.

ChuckEliasMar 21, 2021

I think yes, but it will be served to you so that you never handle the tongs.

MaryJanePMar 20, 2021

Will Pick&Peel shrimp ever return?