Disney World Lightning Lane Passes Will Be Available for Purchase By Guests In Canada

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Posted: Friday June 28, 2024 5:56pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Good news for guests in Canada who plan to use the new Lightning Lane passes at Walt Disney World when the new booking process launches on July 24.

We have confirmed that Canadian guests may continue to use the My Disney Experience app after the launch of pre-arrival purchasing and planning for Lightning Lane passes.

We reported earlier this week that the My Disney Experience app is intended for use only in the U.S., and international guests would not be able to purchase Lightning Lane passes until they arrived in the United States.

Steps for International Guests Outside of U.S.A. and Canada

Download the My Disney Experience App: Before you leave your home country, download the My Disney Experience app on your smartphone. While you can download it beforehand, remember that you won’t be able to use it to make Lightning Lane selections until you arrive in the U.S.

Set Up Your Disney Account: If you don’t already have one, create a Disney account. This will streamline the process once you’re in the U.S. and ready to plan your passes.

Connect with Your Travel Group: Use the Family & Friends list feature in the My Disney Experience app to connect with everyone in your travel group. This will allow you to make plans and purchases for everyone in your party.

Find Out More

For more details see: Guide and FAQ to Disney World's Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Single Pass

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Splash4eva1 day ago

Oh ive been suspended & deleted here plenty lol

Splash4eva1 day ago

Stating a fact is not complaining… i was commenting on a message board lol trust me on that

Saskdw1 day ago

At least we can talk about it here. DIS would delete all these posts and issue ban warnings.

GoofGoof1 day ago

Thanks for the info. Based on the info posted here it’s clear that the third party sellers and Disney themselves have no issue with you buying the 14 day ticket in the US. If Disney had an issue they would not have specifically called out “tickets that are sold by the Walt Disney Travel Company International”. I think this issue has been put to bed for good here.

nickys1 day ago

But you were complaing! I asked about the vpn to register for DAS, because international guests either have to do that or wait until they arrive. Your reply was So you literally said it’s lying and clogs up the LL line. I am at a loss as to why using a vpn to pre-register is lying.

Splash4eva1 day ago

I was referring to the prior DAS pre books in regards to the advantage & again listen personally if someone uses a vpn so they know they qualify or not so be it. I would like to know as well but this board at times seems to be filled with saints & strict by the rules so using that logic they are again “breaking” Disney’s rules because it benefits them… To be clear im not complaining about anything

Supertech651 day ago

And that's what I was trying to explain originally when I was stating how I was able to buy the fourteen day ticket. I don't exactly like being called a thief and a liar when trying to purchase these tickets which I am not. Any one can purchase third party tickets from anywhere. But I even stated that you cannot purchase any kind of Vacation package through Disney U.K, since those are resident deals only. Even if they're selling the 14 day ticket, it can only be sold to U.K.Residents and Ireland. I'm assuming places like Attraction Tickets and Orlando Attraction Tickets , which have been around for years with excellent reputation , would not go down that road by selling tickets that would get them in trouble. I was not being deceitful, I did not use a VPN to even purchase these tickets.I used the dropdown.I selected the United States.I put in my actual address and payment and had no problem purchasing these. I had been following long since yesterday and was refraining from even replying because of what others were assuming.

nickys1 day ago

From the reply given to @Purduevian , the rule only applies to tickets bought via the UK and IE websites - which do require a US address. As for the DAS registration, sounds like you’re complaining they’re clogging up the LL line even if they qualify for DAS? the alternative is that they don’t know until they get to the parks whether they still qualify for DAS. It seems to me that knowing ahead of time whether they do or not is going to help them plan their vacation. Why is that “getting a better service”? As far as I know the 2 pre-booked rides are now only given in exceptional circumstances.

Splash4eva1 day ago

Unless im mistaken US visitors cant book anything more than 10 days according to Disney rules. I have always had to buy an extra day ticket outright bc of it when i would do an 11 day trip or wait until 4 on a party night to enter a park… so if Disney rules state this people who buy them are breaking the rules. I can easily buy tickets using a Fla address of many family members but i dont… Using a VPN to get access ro DAS and at the time 2 pre booked rides is the same lying to get a better service that is again lying so i am against it as should everyone else be. So you can say those people were clogging up LL creating part of the problem

Purduevian1 day ago

I heard back from Disney on buying them on the official Disney website: Me: Hello, I am a US resident and have no connection to the UK/Europe. However, I do not see any terms/conditions that would prohibit me from buying and using tickets sold on https://www.disneyholidays.co.uk/ is that correct? Thank you, Disney Response: Dear XXX Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney Travel Company International. As per the Terms and Conditions for the tickets that are sold by the Walt Disney Travel Company International, you must be a United Kingdom, Ireland, or European guest and would need to prove residency of one of those countries in order to activate the tickets. The process would be the same as proving Florida Residency for a Florida Resident ticket. Kind Regards, Rhaine Walt Disney Travel Company International *bolding from me. So it seems like 3rd party are fair game, but tickets sold by Disney are a no go. Not going to give anyone advice, but these are the responses from each place. Back to your regularly scheduled G+/LLMP(is that the acronym we are going with?) programing.

easyrowrdw1 day ago

Yeah, I've received that error many times when trying to buy G+. I usually have to kill the app and restart it to get it to register my location.

Saskdw1 day ago

Post of the day award!!!

nickys1 day ago

But people don’t have to lie about their address to buy them. What’s your view on using a VPN to pre-register for DAS?

nickys1 day ago

Apps use GPS to determine location, websites use IP address.