'My Plans' view returns to My Disney Experience app

Oct 21, 2021 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Thursday October 21, 2021 11:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'My Plans' view is back in My Disney Experience after being removed during the Disney Genie update earlier this week.

Many users were asking how to easily view their upcoming Disney Park Pass reservations on one screen, and although the 'My Plans' could be accessed from the search feature, it was not easily accessible from any menus.

Disney has now restored the feature on the menu page, but under a new name of 'Future Plans.'

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flynnibus3 minutes ago

Genie+ is flawed in that it is still giving out all capacity as quickly as people will take it. That is why the thing breaks down. The whole advantage of removing the scheduled portion of FP+ was to enable an adhoc experience where guests could be steered based on what is happening 'now'. It removed the burdens of advanced plans and their constraints while making it so everyone (not just those who book the furthest in advance) would have opportunity at passes. If you don't ensure there is adhoc opportunities - you basically just stripped the system down and took away what some liked about FP+ without giving them anything in return. I would like to see them simply not give out Genie+ reservations for anything more than 2hrs away. That way you can setup a place where people use standby first, except for things you're willing to invest in, and you commit to that reservation when it comes free. By limiting how much you give out in advance, you undo this 'must stay all day' thing, you give people lots more opportunities, and most importantly you drive an adhoc experience.

disneygeek9011 minutes ago

I mean, it's all relative. Before WDW started forcing everyone to be up at 7am to book reservations and boarding groups, some would rather sleep in and then stay out all night. After all, nights are superior in Florida especially when trying to beat the summer heat. I'm sure there's not many that can stay open to close every day regardless. I'm a night owl myself. I like evenings in the parks after people start to head out the most.

Thepuma13 minutes ago

Can someone run by me how the FP+ system wasn't working but apparently the Genie one is? I absolutely loved the FP+ system but when I say that people saw it was a disaster and wasn't working? Yet some how,.if you charge for it, it magically works.

Casper Gutman41 minutes ago

I know this is a really difficult concept for people, but popularity does not equal quality. It's a childish argument. The parks were designed to facilitate a certain kind of guest behavior. Every public area, from queues to restaurants to walkways to shops, were built to enable the parks to operate in a particular way. Line-skipping is directly counter to that particular way. For line-skipping to work, you would have to redesign the parks from the ground up, and completely alter how guests think and behave. To their credit, Universal realized this VERY QUICKLY and scrapped the half-baked virtual line system put in place for Fallon, Fast, and VB. Disney won't give up. When you use something in a manner for which it was not designed and in the process cause it to operate inefficiently or not at all, yes, you broke it. If you can look at the parks right now and think things are hunky-dory, I seriously question your judgement.

"El Magnifico"1 hour ago

I enjoy non-park days as much (if not more) than my park days.

Thepuma1 hour ago

Even worse ..even once inside the park you have to Bury your head in your phone all day and walk around like zombies trying desperately to find a LL. Shame on Disney I say...short sighted and utterly nieve on their part to not realise this will upset thousands of people each and every day at their parks.

Thepuma1 hour ago

I'm with you on that one - The only way you can make LL Genie and LL+ worthwhile is if you stay in the park from opening till close. Having said that, like for like you'll still be paying a lot more for a lot less experience compared to previous. I dont understand why Disney has make it all so complex...its mind blowing really. I'm an avid regular park guest and it's had me scratching my head and uttering expletives under my breath using it...so heaven knows what the average Disney going day trip family think. If Disney were so desperate for money and so desperate to ruin their name and goodwill, they could have kept the perfectly fine FP+ system and instead charged double to get into the parks...it will have pissed off the same amount of people yeah , but would have ticked a box of reducing numbers in the parks.

Thepuma1 hour ago

Unfortunately you don't get what you pay for really with Genie and LL+......you are in effect paying a LOT more to get an inferior experience. Ie...ypu can try to pay more for ROTR but still not get on it...You can pay $15 each and still not get a fastpass till the evening.....its a terrible system and its making people pay WAY more to have a MUCH inferior experience to what they had a few years ago before the pandemic.

Chi842 hours ago

It has nothing to do with sleeping in or being lazy. We sometimes choose to go to a water park or swim at the resort pool (or do something else that's fun for us), then go to a theme park in the afternoon. It was nice when we could schedule FP+ rides later in the day. A few each day were okay for us - we don't need to "keep riding more rides," but we did like being guaranteed that we could ride the ones we wanted when we wanted. Genie+ is a big step down for us.

ImperfectPixie2 hours ago

That's likely a huge factor, too.

Jrb19792 hours ago

While that's true, I still stand by the fact too many people have it.

ImperfectPixie3 hours ago

That's part of why the system is broken...it really only works if people follow a very specific touring style, and not everyone wants to do that while on vacation.

JMcMahonEsq3 hours ago

And for us, we love being able to get what we pay for, upgrade where we want, and get advantages over lazy people who don't want to put in the effort and would rather sleep in. So you keep sleeping in late, and we will keep riding more rides.

JMcMahonEsq3 hours ago

Fast pass was introduced in 1999. Since that time by any measurable metric, attendance, revenue, the parks have done nothing buy have massive growth and success. You have an awfully weird, and unsupportable way of defining breaking things.