Answers to when you can make a second Genie Lightning Lane selection at Walt Disney World theme parks

Oct 19, 2021 in "Disney Genie"

First Lightning Lane guests at Magic Kingdom October 19 2021
Posted: Tuesday October 19, 2021 11:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

One of the most frequently asked questions in the run-up to the launch of Disney Genie has been when exactly can you make subsequent Lightning Lane selections using Disney Genie+.

Now that Disney Genie+ is live we can answer the question after testing in the park today.

Before we get onto secondary selections, your first Disney Genie+ Lighting Lane selection can be made at 7am, regardless of whether you are staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotel or offsite.

That is the easy part, but things can then get a little complicated when it comes to second selections. Suppose your first Lightning Lane selection is further out than 2 hours from park opening, for example, 2pm. In that case, you can make a second Lightning Lane selection 120 minutes following the official park opening time.

Example. At 7am, you book a Lightning Lane selection for Haunted Mansion at 2pm in Magic Kingdom. The park opens at 9am, so you are then eligible to make another Lightning Lane selection for a ride time from 11am. This means at 11am you will have two Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations.

Thankfully the above scenario is one of the more complicated, and typical usage of Genie+ Lightning Lane is more straightforward.

In most cases, you are eligible for another Genie+ Lightning Lane selection as soon as you tap into the Lightning Lane entrance at the chosen attraction. If you do not tap into the attraction, you are eligible for another Lightning Lane selection at the end of the arrival window for the current selection or 2 hours after your prior election was made.

In short, assuming the park opens at 9am, your latest booking times will be:

7am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm.

Using the above booking times, and assuming that your first reservation is for later in the day, it may be possible to stack three or more Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations at one time.

Most Lighting Lane selections have a 1-hour ride window and accept admission a couple of minutes ahead of the start time during a grace period.

View our Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane FAQ for Walt Disney World for more answers.

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gerarar6 hours ago

Must be. For the last 3 days the VQ for Rat lasted only 4 seconds, and the 7am drop actually lasted longer than the 1pm drop for all 3 days. Now today, the drops lasted 11 and 33 seconds respectively. Big drop in demand it seems like.

nickys6 hours ago

It was only a “hack” in the sense that it wasn’t working the way Disney intended it to work - otherwise they wouldn’t have changed it. Everyone could use it if they noticed that they were allowed to book another G+ ride. There was nothing you had to “do”, no work around involved, in order to book the next ride. You booked the next one like every other one.

Jrb19797 hours ago

I'm not against stacking per say. The problem is there isn't enough capacity for Genie+ to work. Since a high enough price increase is coming to limit how many buy it and enough new attractions aren't coming either, the only way to make it work is to limit how many LL people can hold at one time. Limiting it to 2 opens more availability to everyone.

Waters Back Side7 hours ago

The 2nd point is true you are right about that. But as far as the first point I made I was more or less talking about stacking in terms of how it is impacting ride availability. That is what the poster(s) is saying as a solution in terms of making the Genie + work better. But like you said, it might make sense to prioritize some of those rides if it means you want to make sure you fit it in before a dining reservation etc. And I do agree, yes there is nothing wrong at all with stacking those rides if that's what you want to do as a paid Genie + guest. I might find myself doing the same thing after my first ride.

nickys7 hours ago

But with FP, if your return window was more than 90/120 minutes away you could book another. I remember having paper FPs for 3 different rides for the family and having to find the right ones.

nickys7 hours ago

I don’t understand this idea that there is no point in booking a G+ for something like SE or LwtL, just because the waits might “only” be 30-45 minutes. Why wait when you don’t need to? And I would disagree with statements like “the most someone would stack is Test Track and Soarin”. If I had dinner reservations at Epcot, I could hop to the park at 5pm and have 4 (or more, depending on opening time at my first park) G+ passes ready to use before dinner. That would be a nice relaxed evening.

Waters Back Side7 hours ago

But then this circles back again to if you can only hold one at a time, you might have a return time for 4:30pm for your first ride. And there was a hack that some people were stacking rides anyway that was an advanced method and a loophole that Disney already halted. And again. Other then MK, it is not often that someone would have 3 rides unless one or two of them always have availability anyway. Any paying Genie + guest should be allowed to stack rides if there is a return time of more than 2 hours from their last choice. Genie + is useless otherwise.

Jrb19797 hours ago

In that instance it would suck to limit it to 2 cause it's not your fault that happened. My idea comes from those who purposely stack for a park they aren't visiting til later in the day. IMO the way Genie+ should work is you can only hold 1 LL at a time. I still think it should be rolling availability each day like they used to do with FP

nickys8 hours ago

So incur the wrath of those who paid $15 to only get 2 rides using it? Book SDD with a return time of 4:30pm Then at 11am you book say TSMM with a return time of 5pm. And then they say, “sorry, you picked the “wrong” rides, you have to wait until 4:30pm to book your next one”. That sounds fair to you, does it?

Waters Back Side8 hours ago

Slow day today? I pull up the tip board for HS and SDD had a slot for 1pm. Cannot see why. Its Saturday of a holiday weekend.

Waters Back Side9 hours ago

The only park I really see stacking of more then 2 happening is at MK. And there are not a lot of availability issues for the rides on the Genie + tier at MK being how many there are to choose from. At HS for example itll be hard to stack more then 2. Especially if people are buying the ILL's in the AM and picking one Genie +. Unless its actually in the evening like 6 PM and at 11 AM and 1 PM you select two others before 6 PM but by then most are not available anyway unless you want to choose Alien Swirling Saucers and Star Tours. Epcot the rides you could stack do not have exceedingly long waits where it causes availability issues anyway like Figment. LWTL, Spaceship Earth and Nemo. so the most someone would stack is Test Track and later on Soarin if on the board still. I do not see a situation where a stacking of 3 occurs often other then maybe MK.

matt911210 hours ago

Maybe? The system needs to be either really crappy at current cost or far better at higher prices. Remember express is super easy to use and reauires no planning or luck.

Jrb197910 hours ago

I was thinking another way to make Genie+ work better is to limit stacks to 2.

lazyboy97o11 hours ago

Because you knew the system and had preferences that worked well with it. Such individual experience didn’t map across the entire park’s operation.