Up to 50 percent of Walt Disney World park guests are upgrading to Disney Genie+ according to Bob Chapek

Feb 09, 2022 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Wednesday February 9, 2022 4:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In an interview with CNBC this evening, Disney CEO Bob Chapek commented again on the roll-out of Disney Genie+ at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

According to Chapek, between a third and a half of guests are upgrading to Genie+. This appears to be an increase in early reports when he commented at the last earnings call in November that about one third of guests were opting for Genie+.

During the later earnings call, Chapek said "In the quarter, more than a third of domestic park guests purchased either Genie+, Lightning Lane, or both. That number rose to more than 50% during the holiday period. While demand was strong throughout the quarter at both domestic sites our reservation system enabled us to strategically manage attendance. In fact, their stellar performance was achieved at lower attendance levels than 2019. As we return to a more normalized environment we look forward to more fully capitalizing on the extraordinary demand for our parks along with realized benefits that took shape this quarter."

In today's Walt Disney Company Q1 2022 earning report, Genie+ and Lighting Lane purchases were specifically mentioned as a contributor to the increase in average per capita revenue.

Disney Genie+ is an option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. At Walt Disney World, the introductory pricing is $15 per ticket per day. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase which varies in prices.

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lazyboy97o1 hour ago

It creates the same issue but on a smaller scale. If you’re not in that quick service queue you have to be somewhere. In a stand alone restaurant it’s a non-issue because your are somewhere else, but in an amusement park you’re still in the park. Because people don’t want cold food, the systems end up creating the same problem because they tell you to go to the venue and check-in which is what people do, they end up just crowding the venue because they followed directions. Then after getting burned like that, people quickly realize they should lie and check-in as they are making their way to the venue, which again, solves your problem, but not the bigger problem because you’ve jumped the virtual line ahead of people who are now arriving and checking-in increasing their wait.

crazy4disney1 hour ago

thanks... will look again tomorrow around that time... either way still defeats purpose at 7am to make a quick decision if something is booked up quicker than your phone etc

Witchy Chick1 hour ago

I've been stalking the app each morning to be prepared for our family's upcoming trip, and I've been seeing the availability/return times for both G+ rides and ILLs start to show up in the app ~ 7:15-7:20ish each morning. My personal experience, YMMV. :cool:

lazyboy97o1 hour ago

These issues are looked at individually by both the guest and Disney. People don’t like waiting more than about 20 minutes, which is the point when we start to notice we have been waiting. If you had a scenario where you had to make people wait a total of two hours in line for a whole day you’d be better off breaking that apart into 15 minute chunks instead of just doing it all at once and being done with it. The total amount of waiting is the same but our perception is very different, no waiting versus an absurd wait. Now here comes the horribly moralistic and arrogant part, virtual queues offer a perceived solution to this problem. FastPass originally promised a wait of 20 minutes or less because Disney knew that was the threshold of perception. People here have talked about how they “didn’t wait” but it turns out they didn’t somehow always luck into a perfect walk on scenario every time, they were just within that window where they didn’t perceive themselves as waiting. Guests are not, nor should they be, thinking about how the entire park operates. They see a solution and tell surveys that’s what they want. This virtual queue got them out of the ride line so it’s great, it’s a ride related offering that solved a ride related negative, that it took forever to get lunch and buy a souvenir is viewed as completely separate issues. In a lot of other entertainment venues reservations do work to control and manage crowds and capacity. Think of a movie theater. It used to be that if there was a big movie you’d get there really early, stand in line, buy a ticket and then go find a seat. Inevitably you’d have a group or two that could not sit together because even though one ticket per seat was sold people did not efficiently organize themselves for seating. To not have to deal with that big line out front theaters started pre-selling tickets. Then they started letting you reserve seats. People can see what’s available, chose where they want to sit and pick a different time based on their preferences. This gets rid of the lines (and the labor to serve those lines, which Mobile Order is supposed to provide) and the issues with people finding seats but as the theater owner it’s not necessarily the most efficient system for me. Given options there are scenarios where the system to slot everyone in pushes them out more because now you know your preferred seat is available at this time and not that time, etc. If you’re a theater owner your ideal scenario would be that people tell which movie they want to see and you’ll them when to see it and where they will sit. You could then work to fill every showing. Instead of two 45% full showings you can combine those into one 90% full showing. This last phase was Disney’s big dream with Genie. They’d give you an itinerary and you would go where they want you to go to maximize operational efficiency. The big negative impact Eisner had in the parks wasn’t being cheap, but changing the business model. The parks were once viewed in their entirety, all of Walt Disney World was the business and the goal was for Walt Disney World to be profitable. That was changed to every aspect of the resort being viewed as its own business expected to generate profit. It’s why every store switched to carry the same stuff. Attractions are big and expensive, they don’t generate revenue directly so they were deprioritized to contain costs and push revenue generation. Everything needed to be more and more efficient. That collided with cheapness and created the perverse scenario where you get the world’s busiest theme park having less dining capacity today than it did 30 years ago because it’s more efficient to make people wait than to run an extra venue. All of that combines to everything being considered and viewed in a silo. Guests see these systems in place in the parks and now other places and perceiving them as a solution want them. Then you get this business environment so focused on the now and confined to isolated lanes that things break down. If you’re job is to deal with people complaining about lines and you know you can’t build more and people are asking for this virtual queue it’s a lot easily to sell your boss you has never worked in a theme park, who expects you to stay in your lane, on the seemingly easier to implement virtual queue system. Now they’re stuck in this vicious cycle. Capacity has been strained so much that getting out of that hole would cost a fortune and everyone is stuck in their silo just trying to deal with today.

crazy4disney2 hours ago

Thank you & much appreciated. Granted at 7am everything in theory should all say a time that is basically at the park opening but in November definitely was not the case…. Frozen sing a long imo will hurt me when im there being closed bc of the capacity it helped with along w the fact it was a place to cool off and relax…

crazy4disney2 hours ago

Thanks … what an awful update

pdude812 hours ago

I'm pretty sure this is just on the tip board. Once you click to start reserving a time it'll let you know what it is. You just can't compare on that first screen anymore. I'm putting together some info to send you in PM later today. Also I'm heading out this weekend so I'll have some first hand knowledge of how it works. But at 8:30 when I looked at what was available it's a huge improvement over what I saw in January and April. I just worry that they may have increased the number of line skips as well which could make standby a worse experience.

pdude812 hours ago

I like your analogy, but I think it's more that they cut off the limb so they could put a band aid on it.

crazy4disney2 hours ago

Wow. Just when i thought the system could not be any worse they somehow managed to top themselves. So basically if you click on ride A and the time is too late ride B you were deciding in is gonna be just as bad bc now you have to click into it later than everyone else… awesome. Yes it was annoying seeing 1 time and getting another but how is this any better andagreed 100% worse.

HoustonHorn2 hours ago

It shows up how you're seeing now. This wonderful new "feature" was put in to reduce frustration by people seeing one time, then clicking and getting a whole different time. It's a bandaid on a severed limb, and IMHO it makes the Genie suck even worse.

crazy4disney3 hours ago

so during my trip that i already purchased genie for i will be able to see the times like the way it was from inception at 7am? or will it still show up as how im seeing now?

pdude813 hours ago

Starting at 730 I think you can see times without purchasing G+

crazy4disney3 hours ago

So question for people who are using this now…. No time pops up at 7am you have to click check availability/book experience to see what time is open for that particular ride? This is the new “added” feature from 7-730 they were talking about? Bc ive looked during day and have seen times. 1st time im starting to look at the opening 7am to get an idea of what is going when. And w/o a reservation you cant find that info out correct?