Disney releases updated version of My Disney Experience with new Genie+ improvements for Walt Disney World

Dec 09, 2022 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Friday December 9, 2022 6:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new version of My Disney Experience is now available with support for the recently announced improvements to Disney Genie+ at Walt Disney World.

Version 7.19 can be found in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and the same update is also available for Android users.

Using the updated My Disney Experience app, guests can now modify an existing booking without first canceling a reservation and making another booking. This only applies to Lightning Lanes that are part of Genie+, and not those that are Individual Attraction Purchases.

The update also allows a guest to search for other Lightning Lane experiences and times prior to modifying the existing reservation. Note that the new selection must be in the same park. To book a selection in another park, the original reservation must be canceled.

How to modify Genie+ Lightning Lane selections

  • In Disney Genie service, select either the Tip Board or My Day tab.
  • Tap the Lightning Lane selection you wish to modify. A short menu will appear.
  • From the short menu , select the type of change you want and follow the resulting prompts.
  • Check to make sure the new experience, party makeup or time is correct.
  • Tap “Confirm Change,” then “Done.”

Making a change to a Lightning Lane selection will not change the timeframe for when the next selection can be made. You will be able to make another Lightning Lane selection with Disney Genie+ service once you redeem your current selection, once the full arrival window has passed, or after 120 minutes has passed from the original booking (or 120 minutes after the published park opening time, whichever is later).

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Jrb197913 days ago

No there isn't. You can say that for a lot of the attractions that are on Genie+. Outside of the top rides in each park Genie+ is rarely needed.

pdude8113 days ago

Pre-pandemic, yes.

MrMichaelJames13 days ago

Is there ever a wait for this? Every time we have gone to see Ariel it has been very quick.

matt911214 days ago

If they allowed prepaying for it it would all be booked whenever that window opened. It would be the same but I guess not while your on vacation? Also would favor Uber camando planners at the expense of people who are more flexible. The current system I feel like is the best middle ground. Those super planners can plan around extended evening hours for example to not even need to worry.

drizgirl15 days ago

Which I'm sure played at least a small part in getting something else added, even if just a M/G. Looks like Genie+ is $18 today. I'm kind of surprised they didn't jack it up higher.

GhostHost100015 days ago

and splash mountain to be removed soon :(

cranbiz26 days ago

Wouldn't surprise me. Disney has a history of this. There are very few inhouse IT CM's.

Jrb197927 days ago

Not likely. FP+ is dead and buried. Advanced booking is a thing of the past. Zigzagging across the park is here to stay.

GhostHost100027 days ago

Ok the 2 nighttime shows are going away and one being replaced by the previous better one, how much longer until FP+ returns? Asking for a friend

MagicHappens197127 days ago

I don’t know about replacing, but I know there are currently new IT people that are contracted

tanc27 days ago

I don't know if there's much to back up the claim, but I heard Disney apparently was replacing IT workers with contractors. Apparently they are contracted for 18 months and sort of explain some unmagical things about Genie.

nickys30 days ago

Having now experienced it I’m even more in agreement with you on this. I personally loved FP+, and used it to get far more than the 3 initial rides on some (not all) days. That said I made G+ work. We agreed the night before what our priorities were and I worked out what order we should book them in. Some days I relied on waking up which meant it was 7:30 or so before booking the first one. That was fine though because we are later park-goers. Other days I did have an alarm set to get certain rides (ILL or G+). We often booked a G+ and pushed it later until it suited us. Just occasionally we missed that chance and the time would jump from say noon to 6pm. I set an alarm for the next booking time if we were stacking, otherwise we booked in the queue after tapping in or on the way out of a ride. And whilst I preferred FP+ personally, I also recognise that for guests staying offsite or who booked last minute, FP+ was a less beneficial experience than it was for onsite, early booking guests.

DCBaker30 days ago

The price for Genie+ has dropped back down to $17 today.