Disney Genie pricing for individual Lightning Lane selections at Walt Disney World lower than expected

Oct 08, 2021 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Friday October 8, 2021 4:15pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

As part of today's announcement for Disney Genie debuting at Walt Disney World on October 19 2021, a few details have been released on pricing for individual Lighting Lane purchases.


The highest price announced so far for Lighting Lane access is $15, which is well under the high of $24 that we had heard several months ago. A full list of pricing is not yet available, but pricing currently ranges from a low of $7 to a high of $15.

Disney says that prices will vary by date, attraction and park. For example, the Lightning Lane entrance to Remy's Ratatouille Adventure will be $9 per person on October 19 and $11 per person on October 23.

As another example, on both those dates, Lightning Lane entrance to Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain will be $7 per person, while Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be $15 per person.

Throughout the year, prices may be lower on some days and higher on other days. This option may be purchased at up to 2 different attractions each day.

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CAV8 hours ago

But they take those answers and twist them from what the survey taker meant to what Disney wants them to say. Disney question: Would you like the ability to make a fast pass on the day of you visit? Guest thought: Yes. Planning 60 days in advance is a hassle. Id like to pick my three fast passes on the day I am in the park. Disney thought: They want to pay extra for something we used to give them for free. And we dont have to make it as good as the previous version.

George8 hours ago

Huge variation between hospitals with regards to themeing quality as well, which could muck with results. Maybe the BMV wait system where you take the little paper number and can’t hear your number when it’s called is better. It oftentimes ends with you paying for something that it seems like you shouldn’t have to pay for as well.

crazy4disney9 hours ago

Im going next month and have a $50 copay. Must be partners with Disney

Chi8410 hours ago

Thank you. And those are pretty much exactly the responses I would have given.

Patcheslee11 hours ago

If Disney ever chose a very that was similar to Express i.e. go whenever, I'd suspect they would limit it to included with stay for club level resort guests only.

DisneyCane11 hours ago

The paid line skip system at WDW should be done one of two ways. Either: A) Make it very expensive, limit inventory and make it one guaranteed use per ride per day at any time (I think this is like UO express pass but I've never used it or even looked into it). B) Make every Lightning Lane a la carte and purchased at entry to the queue with variable pricing based on current usage (payment method tied to account charged at tap in). A sign would say how long the LL wait is along with the cost for each person to enter the LL. The price would go from reasonable if almost nobody was using it to insane if there was a lot of usage and if enough people were willing to pay the insane price and the LL filled to capacity people would not be able to enter until some of the queue cleared out. Personally, I think choice B would be the best system for Disney to maximize revenue while guests would have a simple to understand and use line skip system. You would walk up to RotR, see a standby wait of 120 minutes and a LL with a wait of 20 minutes for a cost of $25 per person. You decide if the $25 is worth saving 100 minutes. If it is worth it to you then you tap in and your credit card gets charged.

lentesta11 hours ago

Here are the relevant screencaps from the survey I referred to.

lentesta12 hours ago

Heh. Even accounting for prep time, the colonoscopy inconvenience is over in 36 hours, with only a $35 co-pay.

Jrb197913 hours ago

Then there is my family. We would never pay for Disney tickets just to do 3 rides a day. I don't go an amusement/theme park for a laid back vacation. I have places like Myrtle Beach and Put-in Bay for that.

arich3513 hours ago

I would hate if there was no type of fastpass unless you are paying way too much

Chi8413 hours ago

I would love a simple system, but the way we choose to vacation at WDW would not make it worth buying a hugely expensive express pass. We are fine with 3 rides a day because we do so many other things besides going on rides. I don't see paying hundreds of dollars to skip the line in our circumstances - it's not that we're cheap, but the value wouldn't be there. Right now, it's between Disney coming up with an acceptable version of a skip the line system and us finding a different place to vacation. (I'm currently researching cruises.) I'm sure others feel differently and that's certainly understandable. I'm just talking about our particular circumstances - standing in 1 to 2 hour long lines is just not an option for us.

Jrb197913 hours ago

My guess is how it's used. If Disney went to Universal's system I highly doubt resort guests would get it free as there as too many rooms to do that. Personally I would love Express pass over Genie+ mainly due to the simplicity of it.

Chi8413 hours ago

That’s not very clear since Universal’s Express Pass is free for certain deluxe resort guests. Did the survey mention any free version or state what the cost would be?

Jrb197914 hours ago

Yes Genie+ is bad but limiting sales is a step in the right direction for fixing it.