Walt Disney World's Genie+ introduces new price points this week

Jun 07, 2023 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Wednesday June 7, 2023 10:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Genie+ is heading into new pricing territory this week with two first-ever price points.

June 6 was priced at $24, and June 7 at $23. This is the first time we have seen these prices since Genie+ began.

Pricing across the last seven days has been quite varied: $22, $22, $20, $22, $25, $24, $23.

It seems Disney is continuing to experiment with pricing points during this relatively quiet period of attendance at Walt Disney World.

The maximum Genie+ price so far at Walt Disney World is $35 from early April 2023, with the lowest being the introductory price of $15.

Disney does not provide any advance notice of Genie+ pricing, instead relying on guests learning the price on the day of purchase via My Disney Experience.

Disney Genie+ is a purchase option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase which varies in price. Learn more about Genie+.

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Thepuma24 days ago

Yeah, a lot of those smaller attractions we don't do any more as they aren't worth constantly doing. We were out at 1.15 to get to MK for Tron VQ. We never bought G+ Started 1) Frozen Rope Drop 8.30am (walk on) 2) Remy (20 mins) 3) Figment (walk on) 4) Soarin (15 mins) 5) Spaceship Earth (10 mins) 6) Test Track ( we did Single rider and got straight on) 7) Mission Space (walk on) 8) Guardians (VQ) 9) Drink in Space220 Bar Left park at 1.15ish

TheMaxRebo24 days ago

We did - Remy - Frozen - TT - Guardians (2x plus a breakdown) - SSE - Soarin' - LwtL - Figment - the Figment scavenger hunt - handful of booths - behind the Seeds Tour - Journey of Water preview - Epcot Forever So we didn't get to - Mission Space - American Adventure - Gran Fiesta - any other films - other booths we wanted to do - Duck Tales - most of WS entertainment

Thepuma24 days ago

Wow....we rope dropped Epcot on Tuesday and had done all the rides by 1pm and park hopped to MK

Purduevian25 days ago

Assuming you can get Frozen and Rat (or don't want to split up for TT). It's basically like paying for 2 ILL with a bonus of skipping some shortish waits for Soarin, SSE, and MS. I'm planning on going late November and plan to get it for my EPCOT day (again for Rat and Frozen basically).

TheMaxRebo26 days ago

Yup! We had a full day planned - we did the Behind the Seeds tour and had our preview of Journey of Water to work around and wanted to get to what food booths we wanted to/could ... so avoiding several 40ish minute waits was beneficial We still didn't get to everything we wanted to

Thepuma26 days ago

You bought G+ for Epcot 😳

TheMaxRebo26 days ago

I think the new version will look a lot like FP+ ... maybe you only prebook 1 vs 3 and maybe it is only 2 weeks out instead of 60/30 days but otherwise will look pretty similar

GhostHost100026 days ago

I agree. It wasn’t perfect. Nothing is going to be at this point without a lot more attractions in the mix, so go back to the old system and charge for it The only thing though would be the tiers might have to return and ILLs are separate now

Disstevefan126 days ago

I am just dreaming here, but just go back to the FastPass system and monetize it if they must.

TheMaxRebo26 days ago

Last week we were at WDW and decided to not buy G+ at MK (Monday 8/28) nor AK (Thurs 8/31) but did buy it for DHS (Wed 8/30 - $20) and EPCOT (Friday 9/1 - $17) For MK, we were there from early entry through park close and got on 20 attractions. Dd 7DMT during early entry (~35min wait) and had longish waits for Space Mtn (57 mins) and Speedway (40mins) that were both well more than posted time. Everything else was under 30 mins, most under 20 For AK we got on everything we wanted and did Pandora mid-afternoon, had 23 min wait for FoP. Only other longish wait was for Kali River which was 30 mins despite a 5 minute posted wait time 🤷‍♂️ For DHS and EP we "slept in a stacked" - we did get to DHS until around 12:30pm. Using LL we got on basically everything we wanted and did Rise standby (28 min wait to first preshow) - several we really didn't need, but did avoid like 25-35 min waits at things like MMRR, MF:SR, etc. Also helped having one for SDD when it closed for rain so got an anytime return one EPCOT we were able to get one for Remy at 7, then Frozen after scanning in there and then TT after scanning in at Frozen, had them all done by noon. Really didn't need it for anything else, but saving 40+min for each of the 3 big ones was good I think it is worth it if you want to sleep in or take breaks, but if you will be there from opening to close or don't care if you don't get on everything, definitely can do without

GhostHost100026 days ago

Surely not. According to a few on here the parks are doing awesome and Bob is giving back to us. They’ll prob pay us to take it soon lol You’re probably right though. I’m mostly curious about the prebooking part. So many directions they could go here and my fear is they make it worse

Disstevefan126 days ago

One of them will be price increases, that’s for sure. 😉

GhostHost100026 days ago

Anyone heard anymore news about the “changes” they plan to implement in 2024?

Thepuma26 days ago

To be honest, I've been coming to Orlando for about 5 years and have always used either FP+ or the highly inferior G+....ive always been 0n my phone all day and got used to that. On THIS trip (currently here) I decided to see what it would be like to NOT use G+. I've been quite surprised. I'd say we haven't really needed it and haven't exactly lost out that much time. I've also enjoyed not being glued to my phone head down all day - I've enjoyed the days a lot more as a result. I have bought the odd LL+ but never G+ so far.