Disney Genie+ Lighting Lane signage arrives at Magic Kingdom

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Lightning Lane signs at Magic Kingdom
Posted: Thursday September 2, 2021 1:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Genie+ took another big step towards its Walt Disney World debut today with the introduction of new Lighting Lane signage at a couple of the Magic Kingdom's attractions.

At the Jungle Cruise, the Lightning Lane sign has been added to the former FastPass entrance sign that has sat empty for several months.

At "it's a small world," a Lightning Lane sticker has been positioned on the canopy at the former FastPass+ entrance.

Although the signage is in place, Disney Genie is not yet in operation at Walt Disney World.

Announced last month, Disney Genie+ is an option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. At Walt Disney World, the introductory pricing is $15 per ticket per day. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions will require an Individual Attraction purchase.

Disney has not yet announced a start date for its Genie service but has said it will debut this fall.

To learn more about Genie, Genie+, and Lighting Lanes, visit our Disney Genie FAQ.

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Trauma3 minutes ago

I’m happy that this works for how you do the parks. Every single family is different. Now families have to go where Disney tells them when Disney tells them. They could be adding this feature for free. When you start to charge for something that used to be free it usually implies that it will be a superior experience. Besides not having to plan ahead of time how will this be superior to the old system? I would love to be wrong about this. The true test will be how it performs during crowd level 5 and above days. If it improves the guest experience then the system will be a success. If the experience is the same or somehow even worse then it’s a massive failure and it’s time for a change in leadership. This holiday season will tell the story.

homerdance30 minutes ago

It was so much better for our guest experience, especially compared to what they have announced. But is the overall huge increases in attendance at WDW because of a poor guest experience?

DCBaker32 minutes ago

Housekeeping and Dishwashers are currently listed with a 1k bonus.

larryz35 minutes ago

That's for culinary employees... other bonuses are $500 to housekeeping and bus drivers.

nickys45 minutes ago

No, I don’t think you will until Epcot goes back to 9am opening. It says the second will be available at park opening.

doctornick49 minutes ago

Yes, I guess what I said was wrong. So regular Genie+ LL reservations (i.e. no IAS) can be scheduled by anyone (onsite or not) starting at the same time at 7 AM each day. With Epcot, I wonder if you'll be able to book one LL at 7AM and then a second one at 9AM and have two in hand before the park even opens.

nickys49 minutes ago

Why can’t you accept that some of us liked it? That our guest experience was great the way things used to be? Not everyone lies to do things the same way. I liked knowing ahead of time that I had an FP for the top 3 rides per park that each person in my family really wanted to do. Anything else was pixie dust. I would plan our day around that. Now I have the stress of having to make sure that still happens but only being able to do so on the day. I’ll adapt. And I can see that a) not everyone was so lucky b) not everyone feels the same way and c) that operationally perhaps it wasn’t the most efficient.

flynnibus50 minutes ago

oh you only goto those two parks? Good to know. solo traveler too? Or does no one in family bathe? meanwhile your post took longer than it will to book your passes. Thoughts and prayers for your great loss of 5mins .

SteveAZee56 minutes ago

I liked FP+ because I knew what attractions I wanted and could reserve them 60 days in advance, which allowed me to relax while at the resort, not wondering if/when/how I'd ride my favorite attractions. G+/IAS doesn't provide that. I agree, wait and see... but the odds of being able to 'sleep in' knowing I can get to the park late morning, eat at a favorite restaurant, ride my preferred attractions in the order and time of my (previous) choosing seem low. If that comes to pass with G+/IAS, I'll eat my Mickey hat. Perhaps it'll be better for overall guest experience... just not THIS guest's experience.

nickys56 minutes ago

Your FAQ doesn’t support your answer that he is correct. He suggested that only the IAS passes can be booked at 7am for resort guests and that Genie+ starts at park opening.

Trauma1 hour ago

Hey Bob I mean Flynn, My resort is a 5 minute walk to Epcot and 15 minutes to the studios. I don’t wake up hours early to do anything except maybe a guided bass fishing tour. Let me get some of that pixie dust your snorting though might help me wake up earlier.

peter114351 hour ago

Yes really. Nothing about Fastpass+ was best for operations or the guest experience

peter114351 hour ago

Wait and see

SteveAZee1 hour ago

Yes, I think it's more of the focus, the DINKs (Dual Income No Kids)... though apparently D I N K is considered a word worth censoring. 😏Families, especially larger ones, are less likely to stay at the upscale resorts and eat at the more expensive restaurants. There are other demographics with a lot of disposable income, but the 20 something's are a part of that. They are redesigning the experience from 'getting something for nothing' (DME, FP+, parking, etc) to 'getting something for something more'.