Deluxe Disney Dining Plan brochures for 2016 do not include appetizers

Jun 23, 2015 in "Disney Dining Plan"

Posted: Tuesday June 23, 2015 12:21pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just released the brochures for the 2016 Disney Dining Plans, and a notable change is that appetizers are no longer included as part of the Deluxe Dining Plan.

In previous years, the Deluxe Dining Plan has given guests dining at table service restaurants an Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert and Non-Alcoholic Beverage. 

The brochure for 2016 lists only an Entrée, Dessert, and Non-Alcoholic Beverage for table service dining.

Traditionally, the Disney Dining Plan undergoes a number of revisions prior to it taking effect, but that is typically relating to which restaurants will be included, in particular the non-Disney operated locations. We'll monitor the situation for any further updates over the coming months.

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dstrawn9889Jul 10, 2015

lock it lock it lock it

ABQJul 10, 2015

I think this thread needs to be closed so people don't start reading it from page one and think it's still the case until they get through to the far later pages.

sxeensweetJul 10, 2015

They had a typo and fixed it last week. It had left them off of the Deluxe by accident when this was first posted. Took them about 2 weeks to fix it but they did. When the first brochure came out that link did not show apps included with the Deluxe plan. But all is well with the world again as it was just a mistake and now is fixed. Lol :)

LuckyJul 10, 2015

That was a typo. It's going up $20 per day. ;)

WDWLover#1Jul 10, 2015

Panic over

mbondJul 10, 2015 apps ARE included in sit down meals

mbondJul 10, 2015

from what I am finding, the appetizer is still included at the Table Service Dining options....which is the way it has been for years. There is no appetizer at Counter Service locations.

OliveMcFlyJul 10, 2015

Of course there will. Oh and these are real now.

Texas92Jul 09, 2015

guess you did

PhotoDave219Jul 09, 2015

Musta missed that sarcasm font.....

Texas92Jul 09, 2015

I'm not it's obviously a joke.:banghead:

BuddyThomasJul 08, 2015't do that.

sxeensweetJul 08, 2015

I the "germaphobe" was not the one to mention people handling the food that was Unkadug that went deeper into my simple "germaphobe" comment about using the water fountains at Disney. And saying I wouldn't pay for any germs even if it's Disney germs. Lol My concerns anyway are not with the people handling the food it's all the germs in general etc anywhere not just Disney. Like I mentioned already I have worked in a hospital environment for 14 years so that can have an affect on how you perceive things. I have worked in the food industry as well in the past when I was younger and know most are good at washing their hands etc...most not all but anyway I never even brought that up. And no needing to relax it's just part of my normal routine, and is second nature to me to wash hands well and use a sanitizer as needed. :rolleyes: Also if it's me your talking about I'm not auditioning to be a mommy blogger as I'm not a Mom. No plans for kiddos for me. The furry children I have is good enough. And I don't think those qualify for the mommy blog. LOL :p:hilarious:

wdisney9000Jul 07, 2015

In all fairness, auditioning to be a Mommy blogger can be stressful I suppose.