Destination D23 ticket details and presentation highlights including an appearance by Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro

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Posted: Friday March 10, 2023 11:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced that tickets will go on sale March 14 for the 2023 Destination 23 fan event at Walt Disney World taking place September 8 through 10 and will include a prenstation from Disney Parks chairman Josh D'Amaro.


Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET

  • General: $329 (+$7 Processing) per ticket
  • Preferred: $549 (+$7 Processing) per ticket

According to D23, "Those in attendance will be able to celebrate beloved moments and memories with behind-the-scenes stories, and special guests and performances. Get a sneak peek at the company’s boundless future, be among the first to access exclusive shopping opportunities, and experience plenty of surprises at this fan-favorite event!"

Presentation Highlights of Destination D23

  • See Disney archivists, historians, Imagineers, Cast Members, Disney Legends and luminaries in two days of programming worthy of the first century of Disney—and beyond!
  • Join Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro as he hosts a fun and entertaining presentation about what makes a Disney experience so magical and memorable for guests and fans around the world.
  • Dial the clock back to 1923 and learn about Walt and Roy Disney’s Journey to California, and the earliest days of The Walt Disney Company—from the Disney Brothers Studio to the Alice Comedies, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and how everyone’s favorite mouse became a superstar!
  • Get weird with the Walt Disney Archives and experience 100 years of “Weird Disney” moments in the Centennial edition of a Destination D23 fan-favorite!
  • Journey through Disney’s history of optimism and innovation with the people that are part of a rich history of storytellers and inventors, beginning with Walt Disney’s relentless optimism and innovative spirit, and leading us to some of the bright minds who are shaping Disney’s boundless future.
  • Go down the rabbit hole to discover the “Disney you didn’t know” as the Walt Disney Archives uncovers some of the most astonishing Disney discoveries, connections, and little-known facts that will change everything—or at least some things—you thought you knew about the Disney universe.

Plus, more presenters, presentations, and activities to be announced soon.

Experiences at Destination D23 will include:

  • A special exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives and Walt Disney Imagineering celebrating 100 years of Disney.
  • Mickey’s of Glendale—the Walt Disney Imagineering campus store returns with a pop-up shop at the event featuring a selection of exclusive Destination D23 and Walt Disney Imagineering merchandise available for purchase. Trading pins for this event will be offered to attendees through a RSP opportunity.
  • The Walt Disney Company Store—for the first time, D23 Gold Members on the East Coast will have access to a pop-up version of the official Walt Disney Company Store, featuring both employee and D23 member-exclusive merchandise! Please note that limited-edition trading pins for this event will be offered to attendees exclusively through a RSP opportunity.
  • Ink & Paint Marketplace—attendees will also have the opportunity to shop at this marketplace of exclusive Disney partners for exciting products from around The Walt Disney Company!
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vikescaper8 days ago

I know that. I didn’t know how far in advance they usually announce the dates.

KatiebugFan8 days ago

D23 Expo is usually held in August or September.

vikescaper8 days ago

Speaking of the D23 Expo, when do they normally announce the dates. I know it won’t be until next year but we may consider going again.

MarvelCharacterNerd8 days ago

Again, just for reference - Destination D23 is NOT a D23 Expo. It's some small seminars and a few shopping opportunities, not a large scale convention. This one is just for the local Disney diehards who want to hear more about the company from the execs and archives folks and for the pin resellers. The Expo in Anaheim is the big one to travel for.

JustInTime9 days ago

I’m gonna be at WDW this weekend so it was tempting but I fully agree. Really, the only store I was interested in was the WDI store. So I think you just helped me save $700+. Because you are right, just pay more on eBay at that point.

TP20009 days ago

Yes, you have to pay the ticket price just to have access to the Exhibit Floor, where all the private booths and shopping is. It's gotten ridiculous. Save your money and just watch whatever they announce for the Parks, or don't announce, in the comfort of your home for free on the Internet. The people who set up booths with stuff for sale have online stores too. And if there's some chunk of plastic made in Communist China for sale in the official Disney Store at D23, it will be available for sale at a markup on Ebay within an hour or two. You may pay more that you'd pay at D23, but you won't pay more than the price of a ticket to the Expo that's for sure. The traditional highlight of the Expo, the WDI Pavilion, has also been noticeably dumbed down and cheapened in recent years. The only good news in recent years is that at least the utterly charmless and inherently unlikable Bob Chapek is gone. So you don't have to suffer through his awful and painfully faked presentations any longer. I say this as someone who went to every single D23 Expo from 2009 to 2019, there's no longer a good reason to go to the actual event.

JustInTime9 days ago

This would be $700 to attend. I’d love to but that price for 2 of us is kinda crazy. Especially if nothing happens. Also - do you have to pay the fee just to shop at the booths? Assuming you do but that’s a bummer.

Andrew2515 days ago

I am going to be positive, and assume we would at least get a solid idea of where Dinoland is going and any potential short term projects they are working on to have this park compete in the post-EU era.

Sorcerer Mickey15 days ago

Not sure if this is a serious suggestion, but Grizzly Peak is under renovation now and Little Mermaid is smack in the middle of DCA.

Surferboy56715 days ago

I hope that Disneyland gets an incredible Pandora Avatar (both) are incredible movies. That being said, California Adventure has already been announced to be getting a Thanos multiverse ride for Avengers Campus. Disney World I believe needs the announcement of new additions more. We currently have no new projects to expect in the way of major new attractions. Besides Tiana’s but I am not sure I’d count that as a “new” attraction. Perhaps they will announce those blue sky plans are happening? Maybe even villains land if those plans were indeed real? Not holding out a lot of hope but it’s a possibility.

TP200015 days ago

Well, it's sort of hard because the Navi River Adventure building is connected to Flight of Passage as one massive facility. But if you combine those two rides, plus the queue and scene-setting land area in front of it, it's 206,000 square feet. Or just under 5 acres. Using the Nemo/Autopia footprint almost has to draw in the attached Motorboat Cruise area, especially considering the Submarine maintenance bay is on the backside of the Motorboat Cruise canal. But that area is approximately 346,000 square feet. Or 8 acres. The more promising area for Pandora West is the expansion land on the north flank of Disneyland, extending up to Ball Road where some backstage warehouses currently are that could be moved across Disneyland Drive to the current CM surface parking lot. That expansion pad shown above outlined in Blue is just over 10 acres in size. It doesn't include the Fantasyland Theatre, which would probably be used as the entrance portal into whatever they plan to do with that land that showed up on Disneyland Forward planning maps as "Disneyland Expansion". But using the entirety of Pandora at DAK, including its access paths from the Tree of Life, nets you a smaller piece of land than that 10+ acre expansion pad at Disneyland. The entirety of Pandora at DAK is just over 8 acres. A healthy 9 acres if you extend the perimeter across the bridges and canals towards Tiffins. This is what has people wondering and contemplating what's to be announced for "Avatar" at Disneyland.... So, in effect, you've got... Flight of Passage/Navi River Adventure combo warehouse plus 1+ acres of outdoor queue and gardens = 5 Acres Autopia/Submarine Voyage footprint = 8 Acres Pandora land at DAK = 9 Acres Disneyland Forward Expansion Plot north of Galaxy's Edge = 10 Acres

TP200015 days ago

Nope. But there's a wild idea totally out of left field!

TP200015 days ago

My dear lady, I completely forgot about that aspect of your many charms! Forgive me, please! I love that you maneuver through the 21st century without a phone. Something tells me, just like vinyl records and the flared jeans all the college girls are suddenly wearing now, your lifestyle will come roaring back into style when we least expect it. Until then, don't change!

Figments Friend15 days ago

Phone….? Me? TP, don’t you remember…. I am one of only five people left on the planet that do not own or use a cell / smart phone. Seriously, it’s true. Don’t need it…don’t want it. I am a ‘free agent’….! 😎 But yes, you are correct. In the rare incident that something is announced ( which to date, nothing has at an East Coast event…) I’m sure I will hear about it later that day right here on my favorite Forum. This is where the REAL news breaks and we have a great gang of folks here to talk to about it. -