Tickets are to go on sale in January for the 2022 D23 Expo in Anaheim

Sep 09, 2021 in "D23 - Official Fan Organization"

Posted: Thursday September 9, 2021 1:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tickets will go on sale on January 20 2022 for the 2022 D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

The company announced in September 2020 that the delayed 2021 D23 Expo will be held September 9 - 11 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

According to the update, D23 Expo 2022 will be a celebration unlike any other, and will give fans a first look at plans for the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company.

The D23 Expo has become the place for significant announcements relating to the Disney theme parks worldwide, and at the last Expo in 2019, there were more than ten projects announced for Walt Disney World.

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JMcMahonEsq22 hours ago

For anyone that had gone to these events, and with leaks being made almost real time, does anyone think that someday they could leverage Disney+ as a pay per view type event? I have wondered recently with Disney Pakr Blogs running real time broadcasts of the first Harmonious show and the New Year’s Eve fireworks why wouldn’t D+ want to broadcast these events? The expo and these events seem perfect for D+ either as an additional one time charge like pay per view, or as marketing tool to increase subscriptions. While going to the expo in person is I am sure an event, with merchandise available and such, I would think there is a market for people who want to watch the panels, but can’t devote 3 days plays away for it

peter114351 day ago

The Wish is actively being built. Almost complete actually. Ships 6 and 7 have not started yet.

doctornick1 day ago

Aren't they already in the process of being built? If there is already a significant sunk cost, it would be tough to not proceed unless the are extremely bear-ish on the future of the cruise market. I suppose if they haven't started yet then not building one of them would be plausible. Also, what is the stats of Lighthouse Point? Is that being actively developed or is it in a holding pattern?

LondonTom1 day ago

Going back for my second one! :D Got a 3 day pass this time, as last time we only ended up doing Friday and Saturday (partly to get HM in before the overlay closure) and I did feel a bit sad we wasn't there on the Sunday, just to hang out and that. The 3 Day and Saturday tickets that sold out interestingly were the full priced versions rather than D23 gold discounted ones. (I guess maybe Disney reserved more tickets for gold members initially, would have thought it would have been the other way around, I am sure they will get pushed over to full priced eventually)

Casper Gutman1 day ago

I think you are right about 1 and 2. If we are very lucky, we might get ONE of 3, 4, and 5. I don't know how they react to EU. Logic says they must counter, but for more then a decade their Disney's governing philosophy has been that Universal is no threat to them, even in the face of Potter, and they don't need to acknowledge anything the other resort does. Top executives might be so egotistically married to this idea that EU might actually DISCOURAGE them from acknowledging it by building new attractions. As a middle ground, they might want to save up any announcements for closer to EU's opening date, feeling the announcement ITSELF is a counter to actual rides at Universal. This is kind of how they operated with Tron and Guardians.

peng1 day ago

Doing Saturday and Sunday because of college and nothing really happens on day 1. I really wish this was in the summer and I feel that this is going to get scaled back/cancelled, but then again Disney doesn't really care about COVID anymore (that and nothing usually happens on Friday, Disney+ stuff will be lame anyways). Any tips from you guys, this is my first time, and any advice would be good.

BrianLo1 day ago

I did not get a preferred seat ticket *whomp whomp*. Saturday 1-day tickets have sold out too I believe already for this year. They can be gotten through 3-days though for the moment. I actually think Saturday just sells out in general because at the end of the day this is primarily a conference driven by local attendance. I'm certain there is healthy out of town for sure, but it's mostly local Anaheim Passholders. The one interesting tidbit they don't seem to be advertising is that attendees get some sort of discount of Disneyland tickets in the date range of Sept 6-17. No idea what the discount will be, but it opens in May and closes for ticket sales just prior to the conference.

RSoxNo11 day ago

Definitely buy tickets in advance. The parks presentation isn't the reason a day sells out, it's historically been one or more movies presentations. In the last few Expos, they have consolidated live action and animated movies into a single presentation and done that on the same day as Parks and Resorts. Parks and Resorts is a presentation that's substantially easier to get into than Live Action Movies / Movies in General. In 2019, the Disney+ presentation was a little bit easier to get into as well. I wouldn't be surprised if this year, Disney+ is also very tough to get into. As for schedule announcements, As of June 6th of 2019 the following offerings were announced for the August 23-25th Expo of that year: Disney Legends - Friday Disney+ - Friday Disney Live Action Movies - Saturday (This ultimately was changed to a general movies presentation) Disney Parks, Experiences and Products - Sunday I did date stamped updates that year, so you can see how the info trickles out:

Kobe!!1 day ago

When should we expect that to be posted?

SpectroBro1 day ago

Definitely buy in advance. The 3-day passes will sell out. Also, as soon as they post the schedule, whichever day the parks presentation is on will sell out of one-day passes. That’s what happened last time anyways.

Kobe!!1 day ago

I don't know much about this expo but have always wanted to go. Should I buy tickets now or will this be for sale in a few months / at the door the day of? Thanks in advance.

DCBaker1 day ago

Here's a link for tickets - they go on sale at 3pm eastern.

peter114352 days ago

I’m well aware of the progress on the wish. It’s ships number 6 and 7 I’m referring to.

peter114352 days ago

No. They have been mostly quiet on the subject but there’s no current indications that plans have changed. But given the circumstances and uncertainty a delay or cancellations of one of more of the triton vessels would not be shocking.